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Hotlinks For 1998 By Date

Hotlink for 4 January 1998 to 11 January 1998:
Tibet in Exile
Under suppression by the occupying Beijing regime, Tibet is a nuclear waste dumping ground, a rich mart of oil and mineral resources, and a land of cultural persecution without any freedom of expression. She is also a country who never invaded others. You can find out more about what's happening and what's being done by checking out the official web site of the Tibetan Government in Exile

Hotlink for 11 January 1998 to 18 January 1998:
Map Societies Around The World
A very complete index of regional and local map societies around the world. Users can search for a group by using the Geographic Index, or the Organizational Name Index. Each listing includes descriptive information, publications, contact names, and www homepage link.

Hotlink for 18 January 1998 to 25 January 1998:
The Fascinating World Of Maps and Mapping
Oddens's Bookmarks at the University of Utrecht. "A breathtaking amassment of things that show you how to get where you're going, or how people used to get where they thought they were going". Probably the most complete storehouse of things geographic and cartographic on the WWW.

Hotlink for 25 January 1998 to 1 February 1998:
Mapquest is a commercial site, but also has a huge collection of information available. Without fee, users can explore interactive maps for over three million cities and towns worldwide, generate detailed door-to-door driving directions with TripQuest, and customize and save maps.

Hotlink for 1 February to 8 February, 1998:
Calendarland is a remarkable collection of links to calendars of every imaginable type; The number of entries (historical and current) and the abundance of hyperlinks makes this a valuable educational site. Links include Celestial Calendars, Cultural & Religious Calendars, Holidays, Millennium Info, Calendar Reform, Today Calendars, Web & Interactive Calendars, Year 2000 Computer Calendar Information, Resources, Indexes & Directories Calendar Software, and Miscellaneous
Be sure to check out the NASA Space Calendar

Hotlink for 8 February to 15 February, 1998:
Geography 12 Home Page
A web site maintained by three teachers in B.C., designed to provide help, enrichment, and links to teachers of geography, particularly those following the BC Ministry of Education's curriculum outline in Geography. Links are extensive, though, including "What's New", "Course Outline", "Geography Web Pages", "TV Programs", "Ministry Information", "Post-Secondary", "Software Resources", "Video Resources", "Print Resources", "Lesson Exchange", "Field Studies and Trips", "Professional Development", and "Mailing Lists"

Hotlink for 15 February to 22 February, 1998:
Tropical Cyclones
This page provides maps and numeric output of forecasted storm tracks as well as the latest advisories for tropical cyclones (also know as hurricanes or typhoons) all over the world. There is also data from past storms as well as current ones. Will the El Nino-Southern Oscillation increase or decrease the severity of the tropical cyclone season this year? Here's the place to find out.

Hotlink for 22 February to 1 March, 1998:
NOAA / National Weather Service
The National Weather Service has one central mission: "To provide weather and flood warnings, public forecasts and advisories for all of the United States, its territories, adjacent waters and ocean areas, primarily for the protection of life and property. NWS data and products are provided to private meteorologists for the provision of all specialized services." The Current Weather Web page provides HyperText links to obtain the latest OFFICIAL weather warnings, forecast discussions, weather maps, site observations, or forecast models.

Hotlink for 1 March to 8 March, 1998:
The United Nations
The United Nations and its Funds and Programmes -- UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA and WFP -- have $4.6 billion a year to spend on economic and social development, which is used to assist countries in such areas as population policies, children, agriculture, food distribution, etc. This is an average of 80 u.s. cents per human being. In 1994, the world's governments spent about $778 billion in military expenditures, or an average of US$134 per human being. Check out this site, the UN's main site, for information on their programs, and how much they are accomplishing with that 80 cents.

Hotlink for 8 March to 15 March, 1998:
First People's Educational Resources
A web page at Schoolnet's site. It is a Canadian page, and therefore has a bi-national flavor to its links. Links include the ABORIGINAL EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES DATABASE, AISTECNet (The American Indian Science and Technology Education Consortium), the ALASKA NATIVE KNOWLEDGE NETWORK, the AMERICAN INDIAN COLLEGE FUND, and dozens of other useful and informative resources. Also, be sure to check Schoolnet's rich and valuable pages and links at bottom of the First People's page.

Hotlink for 15 March to 22 March, 1998:
  • There used to be two good sources for speedy, and reasonably reliable, translations between English, French, Chinese, $ just one, google translate; Babelfish is gone, and the link above explains why. You can understand just how limited these translations are by translating a passage from English to Spanish (for instance) and then translating it back. It never works seamlessly, but even so, the translation are passable, and can be understood by native speakers of the other language. My favorite use of these is to translate a website, such as, into other languages. Useful, entertaining, fun.
    Hotlink for 22 March to 29 March, 1998:
    Medical Geography Page
    This page is devoted specifically to the field of medical geography and contains sections on the geography of disease, the geography of health, the geography of health care, examples of recent research, as well as an email list of researchers. The recently updated pages contain a medical geography discussion forum, a list of electronic discussion groups in medical geography, recent articles and studies, tools and software, a conference calendar, and more.
    Hotlink for 29 March to 5 April, 1998: The WIRED Cybrarian
    WIRED Magazine's "look-it-up" site. ATM location, measurement conversion, currency values today or on any date in the previous several years, zip code & location look-ups, the CIA world factbook, travel indices, the US Census, and all sorts of other dandy things.

    Hotlink for 5 April to 12 April, 1998: The Geography of Religions
    The Geography of Religion Website. This site is a collation of the research done by the students of GEO 399, The Geography of Religion, at Morehead State. Select the religion of your choice from the main menu. Your selection will link you to the appropriate religion, and may include related texts, graphics, and sound files. The summary of each faith is followed by the geography of that faith which may include maps and demographic data.

    Hotlink for 12 April to 19 April, 1998: Linc Madison's Telephone Area Code Site
    Linc Madison maintains a website of information relating to area codes. In addition to tables of current (and changing) area codes, the site contains historical maps and notes, international country code information, and there's also a clear, objective explanation of the different forms of relief for area codes that are approaching full capacity: realignment, geographic split, and overlay. Altogether, there's a surprising amount to say about area codes, and a lot of it has geography as its center.

    Hotlink for 19 April to 26 April, 1998: Needle in a Cyberstack
    A collection of links, divided by subject. Topics include Business and Career Tools Pages, the Best of Curriculum, 24 alphabetized Research Pages, Reference, Law & Justice, Cybrarians' Favorites, Intelligence & Security, Law Enforcement, Exploring, What's Cool, Fun, News Sources, etc. Note that Links are not annotated, but subject headings help users navigate.

    Hotlink for 26 April to 3 May, 1998: The 50 States and Capitals A collection of links to all sorts of information about each of the 50 states of the US and their capital cities, including links to tourism information, maps, songs, flowers, birds, etc., and links to a wide variety of other information. Well organized and easy to navigate, carefully maintained for accuracy.
    Hotlink for 03 May to 10 May, 1998: Worldtime Interactive Atlas
    A marvelous little site from a German software company, showing daylight, twilight and night zones on a globe you can move. The twilight zone shown in the maps is the so-called nautical twilight zone, in which the sun is not more than 12 degrees below the horizon. The Earth is shown as a globe (so-called orthographic projection). You can, among other things, rotate the globe, zoom in and out, display local time in several hundred cities, and display national borders.

    Hotlink for 10 May to 17 May, 1998: The Education Index
    The Education Index is a vast index of education-related links, intended to provide learners and educators with access to a wide variety of useful educational Web sites in all sorts of subjects and covering a range of lifestages. As they say, "whether you're researching astronomy or political science, theology or business, parenting or health, we want to provide you with quality resources, quickly". The Education Index catalogs more than 3,000 sites in 66 categories.

    Hotlink for 17 May to 24 May, 1998: D. Boals's Social Studies Web Site
    Another vast index of Social Studies and Geography links. The Geography section is about 45 pages of annotated links! There are also pages of links for economics, archaeology, genealogy, government, history, etc. Not as carefully maintained as it could be -- there is some duplication, and some of the links are outdated (including the link to Mapping The World By Heart), but there is a huge amount of useful stuff here.

    Hotlink for 24 May to 31 May, 1998: Greenland Guide
    A comprehensive introduction to visiting Greenland. Information from the tourist board, from hotels, air-and cruise lines, travel agencies and local tourist services.

    Hotlink for 31 May to 7 June, 1998: James Burke's "Connections"
    This is the main page for James Burke's "Connections" television series, which appears on The Discovery Channel. The series describes a chain of connections between two seemingly unconnected (and unconnectable) events, ideas, or persons. The trail is always a strange path through "scientific breakthroughs," "scandalous events," and interesting places and historical personalities. It is always illuminating and makes great conversational material. While not strictly "geography", attention is paid to place, and in fact this is a lovely site for exploring the standards in both Geography and Social Studies.

    Hotlink for 7 June to 14 June, 1998: K-12 Internet Resources for Geography Education Mirror Site
    A very thorough geography-resource site, organized by standard and then by grade-level. Tremendous numbers of resources, both broad, general resources and also lesson plans galore. Main divisions follow the standards and include The World in Spatial Terms, Place and Regions, Physical Systems, Human Systems, Environment and Society, and The Uses of Geography.

    Hotlinks for 14 June to 21 June, 1998:

    Charles Stuart University's Australia Info Pages

    Australian Survey and Land Information Group

    The City of Sydney

    Sydney Olympics Website

    New South Wales State Government

    Lonely Planet Guides

    Sydney Street Directory

    The Australian Museum Web Site

    Northern Summer is coming, and a lot of folks in the Northern Hemisphere will be heading to the Southwest Pacific. This week, a selection of links to sites about Australia, and about Australia's most populous and most-visited state, New South Wales.

    Hotlink for 21 June to 28 June, 1998: Lonely Planet Destination Guide
    Last week, the hotlinks included the Lonely Planet site for Sydney; this is the Lonely Planet Destination Guide for the World. You can follow their menu structure, or you can search for that destination you're dreaming of visiting, and read all about it. The site also includes very useful travel information, covering everything from health to what to pack to currency to language.

    Hotlink for 28 June to 5 July, 1998: Ask Asia
    This site appears to be an very useful resource for all educators involved in teaching students about Asia and Asian countries. Unfortunately, the site is frames-based, with no ALT anchors for those not set up to run frames. However, still definitely worth a look. The four main sections of the site are:

    News and information - links to Asian and Asia-Pacific news Web sites

    Educators - lesson plans, maps, school-to-school projects, and other educational resources

    Adult-Free Zone - a special section designed for children

    Gateway to Asia - links to other useful Web sites about Asia

    Hotlink for 5 July to 12 July, 1998: CIA Kids' Zone
    An interesting and useful site for students and their teachers, with easy access to the World Fact Book and to Geography, History, and lots of other information. "The Central Intelligence Agency's main home page is an effort to provide insight and information to the public about the Agency and its mission. The CIA Internet home page for kids is in keeping with the President's initiative to encourage children to use computers and to explore the worlds of science, geography, government, and history as offered in their schools." Or try this Direct link to "Test Your Geography Skills"

    Hotlink for 12 July to 19 July, 1998: Foreign Language Teaching & Learning Site
    Lauren Rosen maintains this site at the University of Wisconsin; it is a resource for using the Web as a tool for teaching languages. The site includes many interesting links for language teachers and students, including specific sites suitable for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Swahili, and Russian. Main topics at the site include: Language Links, Web Activities, Language Specific Activities, Other Teaching Resources, Collaborative Learning with the WWW, Language Learning and Technology Publications, and Language Learning Centers and Associations

    Hotlink for 19 July to 26 July, 1998: Virtual Adventure On Easter Island
    A site that explores the history, geology, geography, and pre-historic cultures of Easter Island. You can even participate in an interactive game about moving the huge figures around the island. Also, since this is at PBS's Nova site, you can easily navigate to other Nova-related pages and locations.

    Hotlink for 26 July to 2 August, 1998:
    Links To Egypt Info
    Egyptian State Information Service
    Arab Net Egypt Pages
    Three links to information on Egypt -- the third, Arab Net, is an invaluable site with enormous information resources for information on the entire Arab World.

    Hotlink for 2 August to 9 August, 1998:
    Directory of New Age Sites
    From an impressive web site in Sedona, AZ, that offers "News, inspiration, & consumer protection for spiritual seekers all over the world". This link is an amazing directory of new-age sites, but be sure to look around the other parts of the main nhne site.

    The directory index includes

    Spiritual Communities, Eco Villages & Sustainable Cultures

    Spiritual Paths

    Counselors, Teachers, Healers & Artists

    Dreams & Guidance

    Near-Death & Other Paranormal Experiences

    UFO's & Abductions

    Crop Circles

    Earth Changes

    Controveries & Research Organizations

    Remote Viewing

    New Science

    Alternative Energy

    Holistic Health

    Organic Gardening

    Spiritually-Oriented Businesses

    Major Networking & Information Sites


    New Paradigm Radio, Television, Cable

    Electronic Publications

    Like-Minded Newsgroups

    Environmental, Social & Political Organizations

    Hotlink for 9 August to 16 August, 1998:
    Address Server at CEDAR
    The "Address Server" at CEDAR has many helpful tools. The site links to the USPS Home page, to ZIP search page, to an Envelope Maker (which will correctly identify the ZIP+4 for a location and print the correct bar-code on your envelope), to an International Postal sites page, to Person Search pages, and to various Maps-On-The-Fly pages. The CEDAR main page, also accessible from the Address Server page, explains in detail about CEDAR's mission, which is the science of recognition, analysis and interpretation of digital documents.

    Hotlink for 16 August to 23 August, 1998:
    GOES site at Wisconsin
    Hubble Views
    Two sites for views from space -- one up, one down.
    The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) Gallery at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS), University of Wisconsin at Madison. You can find a multitude of satellite images. The Hubble telescope pages at Space Telescope Science Institute provide an unprecedented look at what's believed to have been the nature of the early universe.

    Hotlink for 23 to 30 August, 1998:
    The Global Tongue-Twister Site
    The global tongue-twister site has 801 entries in 48 languages, and is still growing. Present phrases are predominantly English and German, but there are tongue-twisters here in Kazakh, Kikuyu. Xhosa, Hindi, and even Basque and Welsh. What is a tongue-twister? "A sequence of words, often alliterative, difficult to articulate quickly." (Oxford English Dictionary)

    Hotlink for 30 August to 6 September, 1998:
    Global Warming Central
    The drastic weather conditions across the country this year have been blamed primarily on El Nino and La Nina, but some also point to global warming as a culprit. This comprehensive site, compiled by the Pace University School of Law, does a good job of providing information on both sides of the debate. It is updated more frequently than some other sites dealing with the same topic, and chronicles a month-by-month collection of articles on global warming that have appeared as recently as last week in major news publications.

    Hotlinks for 6 to 13 September, 1998:
    Several sites about Critical Thinking and the Brain:

    At the Center for Critical Thinking you will find explanations of critical thinking, plus tactics that encourage active learning, examples of lesson plans, information about Socratic questioning, and more.

    The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives is an "independent non-profit organization of more than 175 pre-eminent neuroscientists, including 6 Nobel Laureates." Explore this excellent list of links to play brain games and learn about neuroscience.

    The Great American Think-Off is an annual philosophy contest in New York Mills, Minnesota. This year's question was, "Is honesty ALWAYS the best policy?" Contestants submit a 740-word essay to address the question.

    Odyssey Of The Mind is an international, nonprofit organization that promotes "creative team-based problem solving" for students, K-12. The OM Association designs several problems each year for competition in four age-determined divisions. Schools must pay a fee to participate, but the problems are posted on their Web page and may provide interesting ideas for classroom or independent projects.

    Teaching with themes helps students make connections across disciplines. At The Greentown Elementary School Web site in Canton, Ohio, USA, elementary school teachers can find Internet links to help them plan units on the human body, oceans, dinosaurs, communities, whales, and more. Go to "What's New" for resources for both kids and teachers.

    Hotlink for 13 to 20 September, 1998:
    The Geographic Education National Implementation Project (GENIP) is a consortium of geographical associations committed to improving the status and quality of geographic education in grades K-12. It was organized in 1985 as a steering committee by four geography organizations: Association of American Geographers (AAG), American Geographical Society (AGS), National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE), National Geographic Society (NGS)

    Hotlink for 20 to 27 September, 1998
    Calling All Astrophysicists
    You may not be an astrophysicist but you can pretend you are. With a visit to the library of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Loaded with Web resources, abstracts and journals. For younger astrophysicist wannabes, there's a Kids Page with links to cool educational sites.

    Hotlink for 27 September to 4 October, 1998
    Education World
    The Online Educator
    Two sites that try to be complete teacher-resource guides to the Internet. Education World's contents include a search engine for educational web sites only, an information source on the Web with news from USA Today, monthly site reviews and employment listings to keep educators up to date, and original content such as lesson plans, articles written by education experts, and information on how to make the best use of technology in the classroom. At On-Line Educator you'll find weekly reviews of sites, a discussion forum for teachers and a newsletter.

    Hotlink for 4 to 11 October, 1998
    The Nine Planets
    The Nine Planets is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system. Each page has text and images, some have sounds and movies, most provide references to additional related information. The site is intended for a general audience with little technical background. No special expertise or knowledge is needed; all technical and astronomical terms and proper names are defined in the glossary. The bulk of this material should be familiar to planetary scientists and astronomers but they may find a few interesting tidbits, too. The site consists of one page for each major body in the Solar System, plus a number of other interesting pages, including Earth's fictitious moon, Lilith.

    Hotlink for 11 to 18 October, 1998
    World Hop
    George Mason, his wife, and their two daughters quit jobs and school, cashed out everything (and then some), and left home in Alaska to take a year to go around the world (18 countries). They homeschooled the girls, and all wrote stories, recipes, jokes, and interviews, took photos, even created kids' word games in local languages, and published everything on their web site. A fascinating, thoughtful site, with lots of information and photos of the places they visited. It is a monster site however, with over 300 pages.

    Hotlinks for 18 to 25 October, 1998
    Esperanto Access
    Martin Weichert's Esperanto Site
    Esperanto Hyper-Course
    This week's links are all about Esperanto, the international language spoken by, oh, a few people. Note that I am not going to give in to the temptation to write all of this in Esperanto. Did you know that in Esperanto, the acronym "WWW" is "TTT"? Most Esperanto "sites" are nothing more than collections of links to other Esperanto sites; however, you'll find Esperanto news, books, etc. at Esperanto Access, the Virtuala Esperanto-Biblioteko at Martin Weichert's site, and at the last site, a hyper-course, which is a web conversion of a Macintosh Hypercard Stack.

    Hotlink for 25 October to 1 November, 1998
    US States Animated
    A site that uses animations in a creative, highly geographical way. The link above is an animated GIF of the state-by-state development of the US, but also within this site you'll find an animated GIF of the development of counties, an animated GIF of male/female ratios over history for the US (the changes are surprising and beautifully shown -- watch how unbalanced it is in the early days, and how it balances out over time.) Finally, there are is a list of other animated GIF sites on a summary page.

    Hotlink for 1 to 8 November, 1998
    US State Department Geography Learning Site
    The GLS, which is designed to assist teaching of geography and foreign affairs to students in grades K-12, has been updated from top to bottom. The pages contain more information and links and are more easily read. Navigating within each page has been improved. All country maps have been updated, showing the current post status, name spellings, and boundary disputes. New geographic issues are covered, such as El Nino, La Nina, flooding, drought, sovereignty changes, wildfires, and more. And be sure to look at the incredible interactive regional maps. Beautiful, beautiful site-design work.

    Hotlink for 8 to 15 November, 1998
    Earth Views
    You can view either a map of the Earth showing the day and night regions at this moment, or view the Earth from the Sun, the Moon, the night side of the Earth, above any location on the planet specified by latitude, longitude and altitude, from a satellite in Earth orbit, or above various cities around the globe.

    Hotlink for 15 to 22 November, 1998
    What's UP This Month?
    This astronomy page is updated once a month with star charts, rise & set times, meteor chart, calendar of things to look for, and more. Lots of solar activity, so keep an eye out for the Aurora Borealis. Also, locate planets, comets, meteor showers, constellations, etc.

    Hotlink for 22 to 29 November, 1998
    Special Projects Page
    This is the Special Projects page at George Mason University's Department of Geography and Earth Sciences. While some of the "special projects" you can visit are over 5 years old, there are at least two good reasons for bookmarking this page: the "Bosnian Virtual Fieldtrip" and the list of Cartography (maps) and GIS resources. Definitely worth a visit or two.

    Hotlink for 29 November to 6 December, 1998
    Museums Around The World
    Museums around the world of all shapes and sizes are using the Internet to offer a glimpse into their collections. The Elsas Producties Web Site claims to contain links to 10000 museum Web sites, broken down by geographical area.

    Hotlink for 6 to 13 December, 1998
    Science Question Of The Week
    Jim Foster, of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, creates a "Science Question Of The Week" and the full archive is available here. Some of the questions focus on Space Sciences, astronomy, etc., but a great many are about the Earth Sciences, Weather, and so on. Always fun, sometimes a good challenge.

    Hotlink for 13 to 20 December, 1998
    Map Of Cyberspace
    A fascinating project at the Bell Labs -- a map of Cyberspace that is continually growing and changing. It may look like neurons in a highly-evolved brain, or an incredible rat's-nest, but it is Cyberspace at work, and sophisticated mapping at its best. Can you find BBN and the other central nodes?

    Hotlink for 20 to 27 December, 1998
    The IMS Registry at ESRI
    The IMS Registry is an ESRI service that catalogs Web sites offering live mapping applications viewable with ESRI's ArcExplorer or a Web browser. Some sites not only offer the viewing of lives maps, but you can also download data from them. Use the IMS Registry to find incredible live Web mapping applications -- among them, the Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas, a USGS dynamic map of seismic hazards in the western US, and an interactive map of Vermont Education Department statistics.

    Hotlink for 27 December, 1998 to 3 January, 1999

    Two links related to borders and border strife. Worldwide, there are between 6 thousand and 9 thousand claims to nationhood, including recognized nations, micronations, renascent nations, remnant nations, enduring nations, and various other categories. While these two sites are primarily about border disputes, they offer some information on incipient nations, as well, and also point towards other useful sites.


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