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Daily Trivia Archive

This is the archive of the daily geography trivia quiz found on my facebook page

Trivia Archives For the year 2012 found here
Jan/Feb, 2013 Archive found here
Mar/Apr, 2013 Archive found here
May/Jun, 2013 Archive found here
Jul/Dec, 2013 Archive found here

  • Question for Mar 1: On which island will you find Ronaldsway airport?
    Answer: The Isle of Man
  • Question for Mar 2: Which country's flag includes a cedar tree?
    Answer: Lebanon
  • Question for Mar 3: The Spanish Steps are found in which city?
    Answer: Rome
  • Question for Mar 4: The temple complex of Angkor Wat is situated in which country?
    Answer: Cambodia
  • Question for Mar 5: What name is given to the natural grassland area of southern Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay?
    Answer: Pampas
  • Question for Mar 6: On which Greek island are the cities of Chania and Heraklion?
    Answer: Crete
  • Question for Mar 7: Which sea lies between Australia and New Zealand?
    Answer: Tasman Sea
  • Question for Mar 8: The United Arab Emirates is a federation of 7 members. How many can you name?
    Answer: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain.
  • Question for Mar 9: When contacting Air Traffic Control, which airline calls itself Speedbird?
    Answer: British Airways
  • Question for Mar 10: Which country has these 4 official languages -- English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, and Tamil?
    Answer: Singapore
  • Question for Mar 11: Which country was previously known as Abyssinia?
    Answer: Ethiopia
  • Question for Mar 12: What is Greenland's official name?
    Answer: Lalaallit Nunaat
  • Question for Mar 13: The first degree-awarding university, founded in 1087 or 1088, was located where?
    Answer: Bologna, Italy
  • Question for Mar 14: Where are the Queen Alexandra, Queen Maud, and Queen Elizabeth mountain ranges?
    Answer: Antarctica
  • Question for Mar 15: 1 tenge equals 100 tiims in what country?
    Answer: Kazakhstan
  • Question for Mar 16: What is the capital of Qatar?
    Answer: Doha
  • Question for Mar 17: Mount Linn is the high point of the South Yolla Bolly Mountains. Where?
    Answer: Northern California
  • Question for Mar 18: The Northwest Angle, a tiny part of the lower 48 US states that lies north of the 49th parallel, is located where?
    Answer: Minnesota
  • Question for Mar 19: Which country is the world's last "Grand Duchy"?
    Answer: Luxembourg
  • Question for Mar 20: What country calls itself Sakartvelo?
    Answer: Georgia
  • Question for Mar 21: Four US States start with the letter I; name them.
    Answer: Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa
  • Question for Mar 22: What US state has the longest land border with Canada?
    Answer: Alaska
  • Question for Mar 23: The leaders of Oman and Brunei have a title not used by any other world leader. What is it?
    Answer: Sultan
  • Question for Mar 24: What country has the world's hightest population density?
    Answer: Monaco (if Monaco isn't on your list of countries, then Singapore)
  • Question for Mar 25: What Caribbean country has a nutmeg on its flag?
    Answer: Grenada
  • Question for Mar 26: Which one of the Great Lakes is the only one NOT to touch the state of Michigan?
    Answer: Lake Ontario
  • Question for Mar 27: What country also has the indigenous name Aotearoa?
    Answer: New Zealand
  • Question for Mar 28: What country's high point is Vaalserberg Hill, at 1050 feet (320 meters)?
    Answer: Netherlands
  • Question for Mar 29: What is the present name of the country that used to be called Upper Volta?
    Answer: Burkina Faso
  • Question for Mar 30: What is the world's largest landlocked country?
    Answer: Kazakhstan
  • Question for Mar 31: What national capital is located on the Chao Phraya River?
    Answer: Bangkok
  • Question for Apr 1: Name two countries where it is possible to throw a snowball across the Equator.
    Answer: Kenya and Ecuador
  • Question for Apr 2: What international airport was originally called Dum Dum Airport before being renamed?
    Answer: Calcutta's Netaju Subhas Chandra Bose Airport
  • Question for Apr 3: What nation was called East Pakistan from 1955 to 1971?
    Answer: Bangla Desh
  • Question for Apr 4: Three capital cities, just for fun; name the capitals of Canada, Australia, and Oregon.
    Answer: Ottawa, Canberra, Salem
  • Question for Apr 5: You've heard of NEW Zealand, NEW Brunswick, and NEW Orleans. Where are the OLD places with these names?
    Answer: Netherlands, Germany, France
  • Question for Apr 6: Apr 6. The first epidemiologist traced a disease outbreak to a specific well. Who? What disease? Where?
    Answer: John Snow figured out that a particular well in London was the cause of a Cholera outbreak; the year was 1854
  • Question for Apr 7: What is the scale used to measure tornado intensity?
    Answer: Fujita Scale, or Fujita-Pearson Scale (F0=light damage; F5=incredible damage)
  • Question for Apr 8: What is the scale used to measure Hurricane intensity?
    Answer: The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (1=some dameage; 5=catastrophic damage)
  • Question for Apr 9: The federal state of Switzerland is comprised of how many states, called cantons? What was the most recent canton created?
    Answer: 26 cantons; Jura separated from Bern in 1979
  • Question for Apr 10: What are the French and German names for Lake Geneva?
    Answer: Lac Leman; Genfer See
  • Question for Apr 11: Which continent is the largest exporter of wool?
    Answer: Australia
  • Question for Apr 12: Historical City name, Edo; Modern name?
    Answer: Tokyo
  • Question for Apr 13: Historical city name, Saigon. Modern name?
    Answer: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Question for Apr 14: The world's newest nation, South Sudan, became independent in 2011. Name its capital.
    Answer: Juba
  • Question for Apr 15: What is the name of the pilgrimage that all able-bodied Muslims are to take once in their lifetimes?
    Answer: The Hajj
  • Question for Apr 16: What country has a language divided into two dialects -- Tosk and Gheg?
    Answer: Albania
  • Question for Apr 17: Historical Country Name -- Gold Coast. Modern Name?
    Answer: Ghana
  • Question for Apr 18: Historical Country Name -- British Honduras. Modern name?
    Answer: Belize
  • Question for Apr 19: From which country is the Trans-Dniester region trying to separate and become independent?
    Amswer: Moldova
  • Question for Apr 20: What is the name and capital of the unrecognized sovereign state that declared independence from Somalia in 1991?
    Answer: Somaliland; Hargeise
  • Question for Apr 21: Central Berlin's Strasse Des 17 Juni (Street of 17 June) commemorates what event?
    An uprising in East Berlin in 1991
  • Question for Apr 22: Which world city is the only one to have an independent country located within it?
    Answer: Rome
  • Question for Apr 23: What are the names of Tokyo's two major airports?
    Answer: Haneda and Narita
  • Question for Apr 24: Which city was once known as SUnda Kelapa?
    Answer: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Question for Apr 25: The Galapagos Islands are a territory of which country?
    Answer: Ecuador
  • Question for Apr 26: Which Central American country does not touch the Atlantic at all?
    Answer: El Salvador
  • Question for Apr 27: Approximately what percentage of people in India practice Hinduism?
    Answer: About 80%
  • Question for Apr 28: Old country name: German South-West Africa. Now called what?
    Answer: Namibia
  • Question for Apr 29: What are the world's three busiest airports by number of takeoffs and landings?
    Answer: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, Beijing Capital, London Heathrow
  • Question for Apr 30 Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, is located on which island?:
    Answer: Baffin Island

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