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Daily Trivia Archive 2016

This is the archive of the daily geography trivia quiz found on my facebook page

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Jan/Feb, 2013 Archive found here
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  • Question for Jan 1: Measuring from lowest point to highest point, what four US states have an elevation span of over 14,000 feet?
    Answer: Alaska, California, Washington
  • Question for Jan 2: What are the 4 largest cities in Australia?
    Answer: Sydney (4.6 M), Melbourne (4.2 M), Brisbane (2.2 M), Perth (1.9 M)
  • Question for Jan 3: Travel due North from Lima, Peru to the US; what is the first big US city you come to?
    Answer: Miami
  • Question for Jan 4: Name five US states that begin with the letter A.
    Answer: Albany, Annapolis, Atlanta, Augusta, Austin
  • Question for Jan 5: What seven countries border Sudan?
    Answer: Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Chad, and Libya
  • Question for Jan 6: Which seven US states measure less than 1000 feet between their lowest and highest points?
    Answer: Illinois, Indiana, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Louisiana, Delaware, Florida
  • Question for Jan 7: What four UN member states have the oldest national anthems (adopted before 1800)?
    Answer: Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, France
  • Question for Jan 8: In 2015, 20 earthquakes of magnitude 7 or higher occurred; where was the biggest one?
    Answer: In Chile, Sep 16, magnitude 8.3
  • Question for Jan 9: Alaska is how many times larger than Rhode Island?
    Answer: Nearly 500
  • Question for Jan 10: The president of which country lives in a building called Rashtrapati Bhavan?
    Answer: India (in New Delhi -- present tenant is Pranab Mukherjee)
  • Question for Jan 11: The president of which country lives in a building called The Blue House?
    Answer: South Korea (Seoul); present tenant is Park Geun-hye, the nation's first woman President
  • Question for Jan 12: The Prime Minister of which country lives at 24 Sussex Drive?
    Answer: Canada (Ottawa); the present PM, Justin Trudeau, is living elsewhere pending repairs to the building.
  • Question for Jan 13: What two city names are the most common in the entire world?
    Answer: San Jose (1716 places) and San Antonio (1691 places)
  • Question for Jan 14: What is the largest island that is part of the US?
    Answer: The Big Island of Hawai'i
  • Question for Jan 15: What two countries are closest to Gibraltar?
    Answer: Spain (land border); Morocco, across the Straits.
  • Question for Jan 16: What 5 countries of Africa begin with the letter M?
    Answer: Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique
  • Question for Jan 17: Which 5 US states end with the letters -IA?
    Answer: California, Georgia, Penn, Virginia, West Virginia
  • Question for Jan 18: After Antarctica, what are the world's four largest deserts?
    Answer: Sahara, Arabian, Gobi, Kalahari
  • Question for Jan 19: The mountainous regions of what three Southeast Asian countries make up the Opium-Producing Golden Triangle?
    Answer: Myanmar, Laos, Thailand
  • Question for Jan 20: After Anchorage, with about 300,000 people, what are Alaska's next two cities?
    Answer: Fairbanks and Juneau
  • Question for Jan 21: What 6 countries have coastline on the Adriatic?
    Answer: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania
  • Question for Jan 22: What are the US cities whose airports have the codes MSY, CMH, and BWI?
    Answer: MSY: New Orleans, CMH: Columbus, BWI: Baltimore
  • Question for Jan 23: What are the US cities whose airports have the codes AAA, BBB, and GGG?
    Answer: AAA: Lincoln, IL; BBB: Benson, MN;GGG: Longview, TX
  • Question for Jan 24: Men outnumber women in only 9 US states. WHich ones?
    Answer: Alaska, Wyoming, N. Dakota, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii
  • Question for Jan 25: What are the names of the two US exclaves that are part of Minnesota but are only surrounded by water or by Canada?
    Answer: The Northwest Angle; Elm Point
  • Question forJan 26: Which four US state capitals have the highest metro (not municipal) population?
    Answer: Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix, St Paul
  • Question for Jan 27: Which four US state capitals have the highest municipal (not metro) population?
    Answer: Phoenix, Indianapolis, Columbus, Austin
  • Question for Jan 28: What is the modern name of the city founded in 1325 as Tenochtitlan?
    Answer: Mexio City
  • Question for Jan 29: What two national capitals are found on the Gulf of Finland?
    Answer: Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia
  • Question for Jan 30: What, and where, is the only royal palace in the US?
    Answer: Iolani Palace, Honolulu
  • Question for Jan 31: What is the French name for what English speakers call The English Channel?
    Answer: La Manche, "the sleeve"
  • Question for Feb 1: What is the French name for the UK country of Wales?
    Answer: Pays de Galles
  • Question for Feb 2: What is the French name for the River Thames?
    Answer: La Tamise
  • Question for Feb 3: What is the French name for the United States of America?
    Answer: Les Etats-Unis d'Amerique
  • Question for Feb 4: Going due East from Honolulu, what is the first big city in the Americas that I come to?
    Answer: Mexico City
  • Question for Feb 5: What happens nearly every day of the year at Mt Waialeale in Hawaii?
    Answer: More than an inch of rain falls; it's one of the rainiest place on Earth.
  • Question for Feb 6: What 2 countries occupy the island of Hispaniola?
    Answer: Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • Question for Feb 7: What did Great Slave Lake in Canada get its name?
    Answer: From the Slavey Indians, an Athabaskan nation living on the lake in the 1700's
  • Question for Feb 8: How many US states border the Pacific Ocean, and what are their names?
    Answer: Five: Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California
  • Question for Feb 9: At over 8 million acres, 3.2 million hectares, which US National Park is the largest?
    Answer: Wrangell-St Elias National Park, in Alaska
  • Question for Feb 10: What Scandinavian countries border Russia?
    Answer: Norway and Finland
  • Question for Feb 11: Omitting ports in China, what are the two busiest container ports in the world?
    Answer: Singapore and Busan, South Korea
  • Question for Feb 12: The largest lake in England is under 6 square miles (1473 ha); what is its name?
    Answer: Lake Windermere
  • Question for Feb 13: What two national capitals are spelled beginning with the letters BEI?
    Answer: Beirut, Lebanon and Beijing, China
  • Question for Feb 14: What country has 147 volcanoes, of which 76 are avctive? (according to
    Answer: Indonesia
  • Question for Feb 15: The island of Manhattan is bordered by what three rivers?
    Answer: Hudson R., East R., Harlem R.
  • Question for Feb 16: Nine countries touch the Baltic; which three are called The Baltic States?
    Answer: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • Question for Feb 17: In which modern countries will you find the historical regions of Bohemia, Dalmatia, Slavonia?
    Answer: Bohemia: Czech Republic; Dalmatia and Slavonia: Croatia
  • Question for Feb 18: What two national capitals are spelled beginning with the letters BANG?
    Answer: Bangkok, Thailand, and Bangui, Central African Republic
  • Question for Feb 19: What three national or territorial capitals begin with GEORGE and end with TOWN?
    Answer: George Town, Cayman Islands, Georgetown, Ascension Island; Georgetown, Guyana
  • Question for Feb 20: Mbabane (administrative) and Lobamba (royal and legislative) are the capitals of what country?
    Answer: Swaziland
  • Question for Feb 21: The city of Naypyidaw is the new capital (since 2005) of what country?
    Answer: Myanmar (Burma)
  • Question for Feb 22: Feb 22: Port Louis, Port Moresby, and Port Vila are the capitals of which countries?
    Answer: Port Louis, Mauritius; Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea; Port Vila, Vanuatu
  • Question for Feb 23: What are the capitals of the UK Crown Dependencies Jersey and Guernsey?
    Answer: St. Helier, Jersey; St Peter Port, Guernsey
  • Question for Feb 24: If all the national capitals in the world were listed alphabetically, which one would be last?
    Answer: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Question for Feb 25: The second largest city in Russia has had what three names since the beginning of the 20th century?
    Answer: Saint Petersburg became Petrograd in 1914, then Leningrad in 1924, and back to Saint Petersburg in 1991
  • Question for Feb 26: The Aswan High Dam created a lake with what two names?
    Answer: Lake Nasser (Egypt); Lake Nubia (Sudan)
  • Question for Feb 27: After the Trans-Canada Trail, at over 14,000 miles, where are the next two longest hiking trails?
    Answer: Italy (Grand Italian Trail, 3700 miles), Japan (Hokkaido Nature Trail, 2849 miles)
  • Question for Feb 28: What country is found between Panama and Nicaragua?
    Answer: Costa Rica
  • Question for Feb 29: Not every year divisible by 4 is a leap year; which years, divisible by 4, are NOT leap years?
    Answer: A century year is only a leap year if divisible by 400 (1900 was NOT a leap year, 2000 was).
  • Question for Mar 1: Washington, DC was founded in 1791; who planned the design?
    Answer: Pierre L'Enfant, a Paris-born American architect
  • Question for Mar 2: How many different rivers are called Rio Negro, and where are they?
    Answer: At least 6 rivers are called Rio Negro: in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Guatemala, and between Honduras and Nicaragua
  • Question for Mar 3: What do the places called Mamelodi and Mabopane and Saulsville have in common?
    Answer: They are all townships in the Tshwane area of South Africa
  • Question for Mar 4: What four countries begin with the letters NI?
    Answer: Niue, Niger, Nigeria, Nicaragua
  • Question for Mar 5: Name three US states whose spelling contains X or Z.
    Answer: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona
  • Question for Mar 6: Which six countries of Europe being with the letter S (in English)?
    Answer: San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
  • Question for Mar 7: The capital of Guam, once called Agana, changed its name in 1998 to what?
    Answer: Hagatna
  • Question for Mar 8: What 5 US states have high points lower than 1000 feet (300 meters)?
    Answer: Florida, Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island
  • Question for Mar 9: What three Alaska cities have land areas over 2000 square miles?
    Answer: Sitka, Juneau, and Wrangell
  • Question for Mar 10: What three Philippine cities are amonth the most densely populated cities in the world?
    Answer: Manila, Pateros, Caloocan
  • Question for Mar 11: Which three US capital cities are at the highest elevation?
    Answer: Santa Fe (7000 feet), Denver (5130+), Salt Lake City (4221)
  • Question for Mar 12: A place called High Point, in the town of Montague, is the highest point in what US state?
    Answer: New Jersey
  • Question for Mar 13: What US state flags have the name of the state, but no other words, in the design?
    Answer: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma
  • Question for Mar 14: What US state flag has a palmetto tree and a crescent moon?
    Answer: South Carolina
  • Question for Mar 15; Maghreb is the Arab word for west. The Maghreb Union is a trade agreement between what countries?
    Answer: Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya
  • Question for Mar 16: What two countries are in closest proximity to Japan?
    Answer: Russia and South Korea
  • Question for Mar 17: What two national capitals are spelled beginning with the letters ABU?
    Answer: Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Abuja, Nigeria
  • Question for Mar 18: What are Basse-Terre and Basseterre?
    Answer: Basse-Terre is capital of Guadeloupe; Basseterre of St Kitts and Nevis
  • Question for Mar 19: Which national capital and which territorial capital are each called Kingston?
    Answer: Jamaica, and Norfolk Island (a territory of Australia)
  • Question for Mar 20: Name the four national capitals that begin with the letters LI
    Answer: Libreville, Gabon; Lilongwe, Malawi; Lima, Peru; Lisbon, Portugal
  • Question for Mar 21: Of which countries are these the capitals: Port Louis, Port Moresby; Port of Spain?
    Answer: Port Louis, Mauritius; Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea; Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Question for Mar 22: Which city is the highest administrative capital of any country?
    Answer: La Paz, Bolivia (3,650m, 12,000ft)
  • Question for Mar 23: Only three airlines operate from Paro airport in Bhutan; which ones?
    Answer: Bhutan Airlines, Buddha Air, Druk Air
  • Question for Mar 24: Which is the only US state with a flag that is not rectangular?
    Answer: Ohio
  • Question for Mar 25: What is the largest territory whose status is disputed?
    Answer: Western Sahara, claimed by Morocco and also claimed as independent as the Sahrawi Republic
  • Question for Mar 26: What three countries each have over 80 million Catholics?
    Answer: The Philippines, Brazil, and Mexico
  • Question for Mar 27: WHich countries each have over 80 million Muslims?
    Answer: Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt
  • Question for Mar 28: What are the eight US capital cities whose names are two words?
    Answer: Baton Rouge, Carson City, Des Moines, Jefferson City, Little Rock, Okla City, Santa Fe, St Paul
  • Question for Mar 29: Which single country makes up nearly 11% of the world’s landmass? Answer: Russia
  • Question for Mar 30: Mar 30: Which is the most abundant metallic element in the Earth’s crust: silver or aluminum?
    Answer: Aluminum, which makes up 8.23% of the Earth’s crust
  • Question for Mar 31: What is the capital of The Republic of Palau?
    Answer: Ngerulmud (replaced Koror in 2006)
  • Question for Apr 1: The Blue Nile and the White Nile meet just north of what major African city?
    Answer: Khartoum, Sudan
  • Question for Apr 2: The ruins of what ancient city can be found in a suburb outside Tunis?
    Answer: Carthage
  • Question for Apr 3: What three major ports are found on the Gulf of Finland?
    Answer: Helsinki, Tallinn, and St Patersburg
  • Question for Apr 4: What two major US rivers meet at Cairo, Illinois?
    Answer: The Ohio and the Mississippi Rivers
  • Question for Apr 5: Alaska's coast is what percentage of the US coast?
    Answer: Alaska's coast is 53% of the US coast, according to the Congressional Research Service
  • Question for Apr 6: What country is the main exporter of Brazil nuts? (it’s not Brazil!)
    Answer: Bolivia accounts for about half the Brazil nuts produced each year
  • Question for Apr 7: What US city calls itself the largest Polish city outside of Warsaw?
    Answer: Chicago
  • Question for Apr 8: Before it was named St Paul, what was the name of the present capital of Minnesota?
    Answer: Pig's Eye
  • Question for Apr 9: What is the largest inland body of water, either lake or sea, in the world?
    Answer: The Caspian Sea
  • Question for Apr 10: Which six US states are spelled with just one vowel (which may be repeated)?
    Answer: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee
  • Question for Apr 11: Where is the point on Earth where 0 degrees Latitude and Longitude meet?
    Answer: In the Atlantic, south of Ghana and west of Gabon
  • Question for Apr 12: Brazil borders all the countries of South America except for which two?
    Answer: Chile, Ecuador
  • Question for Apr 13: Name the 6 most populous of the 16 Commonwealth Realms (such as Canada).
    Answer: UK, Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Jamaica
  • Question for Apr 14: Which freshwater lake has the largest volume of all Earth's lakes?
    Answer: Lake Baikal
  • Question for Apr 15: Which two of Earth's freshwater lakes are the largest in surface area?
    Answer: Lake SUperior and Lake Victoria
  • Question for Apr 16: Canals from what river connect Moscow to five different seas?
    Answer: The Volga connects Moscow to the White, Black, Baltic, and Caspian Seas, and the Sea of Azov
  • Question for Apr 17: The residents of which US states are called Hoosiers, Hawkeyes, Buckeye?
    Answer: Indiana, Iowa, Ohio
  • Question for Apr 18: What mountain range separates the watersheds of the Rhine and the Rhone Rivers?
    Answer: The Jura Mountains
  • Question for Apr 19: What countries contain the points furthest North, South, East, and West in mainland Africa?
    Answer: Tunisia (N), South Africa (S), Senegal (W), Somalia (E)
  • Question for Apr 20: In which two Saudi cities will you find mosques with capacities for a million or more worshippers?
    Answer: Mecca, Medina
  • Question for Apr 21: Which eight countries border France?
    Answer: Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland
  • Question for Apr 22: Name the two European countries with capitals directly on the Atlantic Ocean.
    Answer: Iceland (Reykjavik), Portugal (Lisbon)
  • Question for APr 23: What river is the only natural outlet for Lake Erie?
    Answer: The Niagara River
  • Question for Apr 24: The mountain trail extending from Maine to Georgia follows what mountain range?
    Answer: The Appalachian Trail follows the Appalachian Mountains
  • Question for Apr 25: What two US places have the oldest surviving European names?
    Answer: The name Florida and the islands called The Dry Tortugas
  • Question for Apr 26: What two nations share the delta of the Ganges River?
    Answer: Bangladesh and India
  • Question for Apr 27: What are the capitals of Namibia and Botswana?
    Answer: Windhoek and Gaborone
  • Question for Apr 28: What are the world's two most populous cities?
    Answer: Tokyo (38 million); Delhi (25 million)
  • Question for Apr 29: Not including the Great Lakes, what are the five largest lakes in Canada?
    Answer: Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, L. Winnipeg, L. Athabasca, Reindeer Lake
  • Question for Apr 30: What is the deepest lake located entirely within France?
    Answer: Lac du Bourget, in Savoie
  • Question for May 1: Time zones were created to each cover how many degrees of longitude?
    Answer: 24 time zones, each covering 15 degrees of longitude, with local changes ok
  • Question for May 2: Which mountain range stretches almost the entire length of Italy?
    Answer: The Apennines
  • Question for May 3: What independent South American country is smallest in both area and population?
    Answer: Suriname
  • Question for May 4: Brazil makes up approx what percentage of the population of S. America?
    Answer: Approximately 49%
  • Question for May 5: Brazil makes up approx what percentage of the AREA of South America?
    Answer: Approximately 47%
  • Question for May 6: Which country calls itself a Plurinational State?
    Answer: Bolivia
  • Question for May 7: Warsaw is found on what river?
    Answer: The Vistula (in Polish, the Visla)
  • Question for May 8: Moldova has borders with only two countries. Name them.
    Answer: Romania and Ukraine
  • Question for May 9: What scales measure Earthquakes? HUrricanes? Tornadoes?
    Answer: Richter; Saffir-Simpson; Fujita
  • Question for May 10: New Zealand has one national animal; Australia has two. Name them
    Answer: New Zealand -- Kiwi; Australia -- Red Kangaroo and Emu
  • Question for May 11: What two US states are completely rectangular?
    Answer: Colorado and Wyoming
  • Question for May 12: What is the capital of the Falkland Islands?
    Answer: Stanley; Argentina calls the islands Las Islas Malvinas, and the capital Puerto Argentino
  • Question for May 13: Liechtenstein -- what is its capital? What two countries does it border?
    Answer: Vaduz; Switzerland and Austria
  • Question for May 14: What are the official national languages of Afghanistan?
    Answer: Dari (Afghan Persian) and Pashto
  • Question for May 15: Portuguese is the official national language of which three island countries?
    Answer: East Timor, Cape Verde, and Sao Tome and Principe
  • Question for May 16: German is an official (or co-official) language in which 6 countries?
    Answer: Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg
  • Question for May 17: The world's second-highest mountain has what 3 names?
    Answer: K2, Godwin-Austen, or Chhogori
  • Question for May 18: Which 5 countries produce the highest amount of natural rubber?
    Answer: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam
  • Question for May 19: What five countries each provide over 2 million tourists annually to the US?
    Answer: Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Germany
  • Question for May 20: How often does the sun rise and set at the North Pole?
    Answer: The sun rises and sets only once per year at the poles.
  • Question for May 21: What two cities are capital and seat of government of The Netherlands?
    Answer: Capital -- Amsterdam; seat of government -- The Hague
  • Question for May 22: On which four island nations in Europe are cars driven on the left?
    Answer: Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus
  • Question for May 23: Which Italian cities have an airport named after Marconi; Verdi, Da Vinci?
    Answer: Bologna, Parma, Rome
  • Question for May 24: Which Italian cities have airports named for Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci?
    Answer: Genoa and Florence
  • Question for May 25: The port of Rotterdam is on which sea?
    Answer: The North Sea
  • Question for May 26: The UN's International Court of Justice is located in what city?
    Answer: The Hague
  • Question for May 27: What is the highest point in the US EAST of the Mississippi?
    Answer: Mt Mitchell, in North Carolina
  • Question for May 28: Name 4 African countries beginning with M.
    Answer: Mali, Malawi, Mauritania, Mozambique
  • Question for May 29: What are the 2 largest freshwater lakes in the world?
    Answer: Lake Superior, Lake Victoria
  • Question for May 30: What is the official mammal of the US?
    Answer: The Bison
  • Question for May 31: The Islands of Scilly are part of which country?
    Answer: United Kingdom
  • Question for Jun 1: Conakry is the capital of which country?
    Answer: Guinea
  • Question for Jun 2: What percentage of the land area of Earth is covered with glacial ice?
    Answer: Approximately 10%
  • Question for Jun 3: Which is the only county in the UK to have two separate coastlines?
    Answer: Devon
  • Question for Jun 4: The highest mountain of Canada -- what is its name, and in which province is it?
    Answer: Mount Logan, in the Yukon
  • Question for Jun 5: New York is the Big Apple; what are similar "big" nicknames of LA, Tampa, and Atlanta?
    Answer: Big Orange, Big Guava, Big Peach
  • Question for Jun 6: Which two US states are located on BOTH sides of the Mississippi?
    Answer: Louisiana and Minnesota
  • Question for Jun 7: Which former Briish colony is now the most populous country in Africa?
    Answer: Nigeria
  • Question for Jun 8: Which two US states have the longest coastlines?
    Answer: Alaska and Florida
  • Question for Jun 9: What is the largest island in the world named after a person?
    Answer: Baffin Island (English Explorer William Baffin)
  • Question for Jun 10: Lake Texomoa was created by a dam on which river?
    Answer: The Red River between Texas and Oklahoma
  • Question for Jun 11: What is the largest island on the west coast of North America?
    Answer: Vancouver Island
  • Question for Jun 12: What lake was designated (in 1998) the sixth great lake?
    Answer: Lake Champlain
  • Question for Jun 13: Why is the southernmost tip of Ghana called Cape Three Points?
    Answer: It's the closest land to zero latitude and zero longitude, and near zero altitude
  • Question for Jun 14: What island calls itself "Where America's Day Begins"?
    Answer: Guam
  • Question for Jun 15: What is the only country on the Caspian Sea that was not part of the Soviet Union?
    Answer: Iran
  • Question for Jun 16: Shakespeare's titles include 6 places; which is the only one in England?
    Answer: Windsor (The Merry Wives of...)
  • Question for Jun 17: What country has the longest coastline on the African continent?
    Answer: Somalia
  • Question for Jun 18: What is the one place in Shakespeare where a character mentions America?
    Answer: Comedy of Errors, Act 3, Scene 2
  • Question for Jun 19: Which 3 continents have no landlocked countries?
    Answer: Antarctica, North America, Australia
  • Question for Jun 20: What is the most populous US city not found in a US state?
    Answer: Washington, DC
  • Question for Jun 21: What three countries have the HIGHEST low points?
    Answer: Lesotho (1400m), Rwanda (950m), Andorra (840m)
  • Question for Jun 22: Which country lies at the Eastern end of the island of Hispaniola?
    Answer: Dominican Republic
  • Question for Jun 23: What US state has the shortest border with Canada?
    Answer: Idaho (45 Miles); Pennsylvania has a 42 mile border on Lake Erie.
  • Question for Jun 24: WHat US state has the longest border with Canada?
    Answer: Alaska (1538 Miles)
  • Question for Jun 25: What is the name of the independent country that was once East Pakistan?
    Answer: Bangladesh
  • Question for Jun 26: In what general direction do you travel when sailing upriver in the Nile?
    Answer: The Nile flows North, so "upriver" is South
  • Question for Jun 27: Only two US states end with the letter T; name them.
    Answer: Connecticut, Vermont
  • Question for Jun 28: Which US state has "The First State" on its license plate?
    Answer: Delaware
  • Question for Jun 29: What are the 4 national languages of Switzerland?
    Answer: German, French, Italian, Romansh
  • Question for Jun 30: What is the deepest gorge in N. America?
    Answer: Hell's Canyon, on the Idaho/Oregon Border, 7,993 feet deep.
  • Question for Jul 1: What is the world's largest hot desert?
    Answer: The Sahara
  • Question for Jul 2: What is the world's driest hot desert?
    Answer: The Atacama Desert in Chile is the world's driest hot desert
  • Question for Jul 3: What is the Japanese name for Japan?
    Answer: Nihon, meaning Origin of the Sun
  • Question for Jul 4: What is the name for China in Chinese, and what does it mean?
    Answer: Zhong-guo, zhong (middle) and guo (state or kingdom)
  • Question for Jul 5: What are the 3 most populated countries of Africa?
    Answer: Egypt, 87 million; Ethiopia, 97 million; Nigeria, 177 million.
  • Question for Jul 6: What are the 3 longest rivers in Africa?
    Answer: Nile (6853 KM), Congo (4700 KM), Niger (4180 KM)
  • Question for Jul 7: Where is the Bay of Pigs and why is it called that?
    Answer: Cuba; the bay is named for the pig-nosed triggerfish found there.
  • Question for Jul 8: The world's 4 longest-serving national leaders are all African; name them.
    Answer: P. Biya (Cameroon), T.O.N.Mbasogo (Eq. Guinea), J.E.Dos Santos (Angola), R. Mugabe (Zimbabwe)
  • Question for Jul 9: What waterway links the Red Sea and the Mediterranean?
    Answer: The Suez Canal
  • Question for Jul 10: Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in what range?
    Answer: The Atlas Mountains
  • Question for Jul 11: What river is formed by the confluence of the Marico and Crocodile Rivers?
    Answer: The Limpopo River
  • Question for Jul 12: Present name, Burkina Faso; former name? Upper Volta
  • Question for Jul 13: What is the currency of South Africa?
    Answer: The Rand
  • Question for Jul 14: Present name: Benin; former name?
    Answer: Dahomey
  • Question for Jul 15: The Atlas Mountains cross which 3 countries?
    Answer: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia
  • Question for Jul 16: Near which town do the White Nile and the Blue Nile flow together?
    Answer: Near Khartoum, Sudan
  • Question for Jul 17: The NIger River touches what 5 countries?
    Answer: Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin, Nigeria
  • Question for Jul 18: What is the lowest point on the African continent?
    Answer: Lake Assal, in Djibouti, is 156 meters below sea level.
  • Question for Jul 19: What is the Easternmost point on the African continent?
    Answer: Cape Guardafui, also called Ras Asir, in Somalia
  • Question for Jul 20: The Alps stretch across parts of which 8 countries?
    Answer: France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, and Slovenia
  • Question for Jul 21: What country, founded in 301 CE, claims to be the oldest state in Europe?
    Answer: San Marino
  • Question for July 22: What is Ohio's largest island, and where is it?
    Answer: Kelley's Island, in Lake Erie
  • Question for Jul 23: In what general direction do you go if you go UP the Amazon River?
    Answer: The Amazon flows East, so going upstream, you'd be going West
  • Question for Jul 24: In what general direction do you go if you go UP the Hudson River.
    Answer: The Hudson flows South, so going upstream, you'd be going North
  • Question for Jul 25: What continent has the highest average elevation?
    Answer: Antarctica
  • Question for Jul 26: What 2 Canadian provinces have no ocean coast?
    Answer: Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Question for Jul 27: What is the northernmost island in Canada?
    Answer: Ellesmere Island
  • Question for Jul 28: What general direction do you go if you travel UP the Seine River?
    Answer: The Seine flows West, so upstream would be East
  • Question for Jul 29: Which Canadian province does not observe Daylight Savings Time?
    Answer: Most of Saskatchewan observes Central Time year round.
  • Question for Jul 30: Which Canadian territory has a Polar-Bear shaped license plate?
    Answer: Northwest Territories
  • Question for Jul 31: Which Canadian province has the longest coastline?
    Answer: Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Question for Aug 1: Which of the five Great Lakes is the warmest?
    Answer: Lake Erie (See Great Lakes Temp Map)
  • Question for Aug 2: What is the southernmost point of mainland Canada?
    Answer: Pt Pelee, in Lake Erie
  • Question for Aug 3: What is the most northern civilian settlement in Canada?
    Answer: Grise Fiord, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut
  • Question for Aug 4: What is Canada's most northern location with any permanent population?
    Answer: Alert Military and Research Station, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut
  • Question for Aug 5: Does India or China have more McDonalds?
    Answer: India, around 250; China, over 2000
  • Question for Aug 6: How many official languages are recognized in the Constitution of India?
    Answer: 22 languages
  • Question for Aug 7: Ptolemy's lighthouse of 323 BCE was found in what Egyptian city?
    Answer: Alexandria
  • Question for Aug 8: What countries have land borders with Egypt?
    Answer: Libya, Sudan, Israel
  • Question for Aug 9: What percentage of Egyptians live within 5 KM of the Nile?
    Answer: About 95%
  • Question for Aug 10: How many states border on the Gulf of Mexico?
    Answer: Five: FL, AL, MS, LA, TX
  • Question for Aug 11: The US has 50 national parks; what two states have the most?
    Answer: California, 9; Alaska, 8
  • Question for Aug 12: Name the 8 countries with shorelines on the Baltic Sea.
    Answer: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Poland, Russia
  • Question for Aug 13: Though 8 countries touch the Baltic, only three are called The Baltic States. Which ones?
    Answer: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
  • Question for Aug 14: What was Burkina Faso's former name?
    Answer: Upper Volta
  • Question for Aug 15: Which is most southerly -- Seattle, Toronto, Paris, Budapest?
    Answer: Toronto. then Budapest, Seattle, and Paris
  • Question for Aug 16: What is the name of the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania?
    Answer: Kaliningrad
  • Question for Aug 17: Where are the Queen Maud Mountains?
    Answer: Antarctica
  • Question for Aug 18: Which state has fewer people, Wyoming or Vermont?
    Answer: Wyoming (586,000); Vermont (626,000)
  • Question for Aug 19: What three countries have coasts on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean?
    Answer: Spain, France, Morocco
  • Question for Aug 20: What is the deepest artificial hole (dug by humans) on Earth?
    Answer: The Kola Superdeep Borehole in NW Russia, 12,262 meters (40,230 ft) deep
  • Question for Aug 21: What is the world's tallest habitable building?
    Answer: The Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, whose height it 829.8 m (2,722 ft)
  • Question for Aug 22: What is the capital of Eritrea?
    Answer: The capital of Eritrea is Asmara
  • Question for Aug 23: What countries touch Bhutan?
    Answer: India and China’s Tibet Autonomous Region
  • Question for Aug 24: What are the capitals of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana?
    Answer: Georgetown, Paramaribo, and Cayenne
  • Question for Aug 25: An area called The Golden Vale has the best dairy farming in what country?
    Answer: Ireland
  • Question for Aug 26: What US range of mountains extends from Maine to Georgia?
    Answer: The Appalachians
  • Question for Aug 27: After Warsaw, what city is said to have the largest Polish polulation?
    Answer: Chicago
  • Question for Aug 28: Vaduz is the capital of which country?
    Answer: Liechtenstein
  • Question for Aug 29: Which of Earth's seas has the coldest mean temperature?
    Answer: The White Sea, mean temperature -2 Celsius
  • Question for Aug 30: What are the only two national capitals north of 60 degrees?
    Answer: Reykjavik and Helsinki
  • Question for Aug 31: What two countries are completely surrounded by Italy?
    Answer: Vatican, San Marino
  • Question for Sep 1: Of the eight major islands of Hawai'i, which one has no permanent residents?
    Answer: Kaho'olawe
  • Question for Sep 2: Chisinau is the capital of what country?
    Answer: Moldova
  • Question for Sep 3: What is the main river of Warsaw?
    Answer: The Vistula or Wisła ('veesh-wa') River
  • Question for Sep 4: The name Caledonia refers to what country?
    Answer: Scotland
  • Question for Sep 5: What leaf is featured on the Canadian flag?
    Answer: The Maple Leaf
  • Question for Sep 6: New Zealand recently rejected a new flag; what was the leaf on that flag?
    Answer: The Silver Fern
  • Question for Sep 7: How many of Indonesia's 17,000 islands have names?
    Answer: About 8,800 of the 17,000 islands of Indonesia have names
  • Question for Sep 8: What is the capital of Turkey?
    Answer: Ankara
  • Question for Sep 9: What country has the longest coastline of mainland Africa?
    Answer: Somalia
  • Question for Sep 10: Gaborone is the capital of what country?
    Answer: Botswana
  • Question for Sep 11: What is the southernmost country in Central America?
    Answer: Panama
  • Question for Sep 12: What are the two largest countries of S. America?
    Answer: Brazil, then Argentina
  • Question for Sep 13: Hispaniola and Puerto Rico are separated by what strait?
    Answer: The Mona Passage
  • Question for Sep 14: What is the tallest peak in the Caribbean; on which island?
    Answer: Pico Duarte in the Dominican Republic
  • Question for Sep 15: The ruins at Machu Picchu are remnants of which civilization?
    Answer: The Incas
  • Question for Sep 16: Utila, Roatan, and Guanaja are island territories of which country?
    Answer: Honduras
  • Question for Sep 17: Which modern city is built over the ruins of Tenochtitlan?
    Answer: Mexico City
  • Question for Sep 18: What is the largest lake in Central America?
    Answer: Lago de Nicaragua
  • Question for Sep 19: Which Caribbean island is known as El Cocodrillo?
    Answer: Cuba, seen from above, resembles a crocodile.
  • Question for Sep 20: What are Cuba's two largest cities?
    Answer: Havana; Santiago de Cuba
  • Question for Sep 21: Which South American capital looks like a butterfly when viewed from above?
    Answer: Brasilia
  • Question for Sep 22: Suriname gained its independence in 1975 from what country?
    Answer: The Netherlands
  • Question for Sep 23: What are the two landlocked countries of S. America?
    Answer: Bolivia, Paraguay
  • Question for Sep 24: Which city-state is the smallest country in Europe?
    Answer: Vatican City
  • Question for Sep 25: Europe's only primate (other than humans) is found where?
    Answer: Barbary Macaques have colonized Gibraltar for centuries
  • Question for Sep 26: What was the first European country to grant women the right to vote?
    Answer: Finland (1917)
  • Question for Sep 27: What was the LAST country in Europe to grant women the right to vote?
    Answer: Switzerland (1971)
  • Question for Sep 28: What mountain marks the highest point in Europe?
    Answer: Mt Elbrus, in Russia, near the Georgia border
  • Question for Sep 29: What institution is known as The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street?
    Answer: The Bank of England
  • Question for Sep 30: What is the northernmost capital of Europe?
    Answer: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Question for Oct 1: Which 2 African nations have never been European colonies?
    Answer: Ethiopia and Liberia
  • Question for Oct 2: Luqa Airport is the main airport for what city?
    Answer: Valletta, Malta
  • Question for Oct 3: What is the longest river in Britain?
    Answer: The Severn (220 miles long)
  • Question for Oct 4: What is New Hampshire's largest city?
    Answer: Manchester
  • Question for Oct 5: What is Africa's newest country?
    Answer: South Sudan
  • Question for Oct 6: What is the smallest country of mainland Africa?
    Answer: The Gambia
  • Question for Oct 7: What is the smallest country in all Africa, including islands?
    Answer: The Seychelles
  • Question for Oct 8: The African Union has 54 members; where is it headquartered?
    Answer: Addis Ababa
  • Question for Oct 9: Oct 9: Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood – where are they?
    Answer: Hollywood -- Los Angeles; Bollywood -- Mumbai; Nollywood -- Nigeria
  • Question for Oct 10: What percentage of worldwide malaria cases occur in Africa?
    Answer: About 90%
  • Question for Oct 11: What five countries border Switzerland?
    Answer: France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein
  • Question for Oct 12: What is the only US state entirely above 1000 meters (3281 feet)?
    Answer: Colorado – (lowest elevation is 3317 feet)
  • Question for Oct 13: In Tokyo Staton, how are the electronic signs powered?
    Answer: Floor tiles capture the energy of pedestrians
  • Question for Oct 14: When was the last time Mt Fuji erupted?
    Answer: 1707
  • Question for Oct 15: Fugu is a fish that is a sashimi delicacy; why do some people avoid it?
    Answer: Its organs have a toxin that can kill you.
  • Question for Oct 16: What is the name of the Japanese jellyfish that grows to 2 meters and 4000 pounds?
    Answer: Nomura's Jellyfish
  • Question for Oct 17: What are Japan's 4 main islands?
    Answer: Honshu, Shikoku, Hokkaido, Kyushu
  • Question for Oct 18: What country is closest to Japan's main islands?
    Answer: South Korea
  • Question for Oct 19: The Sea of Japan is called by what name in South Korea?
    Answer: The East Sea (Donghae)
  • Question for Oct 20: Which two Japanese islands are connected by a tunnel?
    Answer: Honshu and Hokkaido
  • Question for Oct 21: Which two Japanese islands are connected by a bridge?
    Answer: Honshu and Shikoku
  • Question for Oct 22: What is the name for the 17-syllable Japanese poem?
    Answer: Haiku
  • Question for Oct 23: What is the largest city in New Zealand?
    Answer: Auckland
  • Question for Oct 24: What bird if found on the New Zealand dollar coin?
    Answer: The Kiwi
  • Question for Oct 25: What is the sea between New Zealand and Australia?
    Answer: The Tasman Sea
  • Question for Oct 26: Old name, Bombay; new name?
    Answer: Mumbai
  • Question for Oct 27: How do Hindus celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights?
    Answer: Millions of lights, lamps and candles, prayers, and feasting
  • Question for Oct 28: How do Hindus celebrate the festival called Holi?
    Answer: Throwing colored powder at each other
  • Question for 29: In India, especially Mumbai, what does a Dabbawallah do?
    Answer: Dabbawallahs deliver hot meals to office workers from the workers' homes
  • Question for Oct 30: What is unique about a Parsi funeral in India?
    Answer: The dead are simply left to decay and be devoured by vultures
  • Question for Oct 31: India shares a land border with which 6 countries?
    Answer: Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan
  • Question for Nov 1: In South Asia, what is a ghat?
    Answer: Stairs leading to a river, or a difficult mountain passage
  • Question for Nov 2: Besides English what are the 7 most widely spoken languages of India?
    Answer: Hindi, Bengali, Talugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati
  • Question for Nov 3: What are the three top banana-producing countries of the world?
    Answer: India, then China and Uganda
  • Question for Nov 4: The Himalayas are spread across which 5 countries?
    Answer: Bhutan, India, Nepal, China, Pakistan
  • Question for Nov 5: India comprises how many states and Union Territories?
    Answer: 29 states, 7 union territories
  • Question for Nov 6: In 1969, the former Madras State in India was renamed what?
    Answer: Tamil Nadu
  • Question for Nov 7: How many time zones does Russia have?
    Answer: Eleven
  • Question for Nov 8: Name the two US states with 4 straight sides, and the one with 6.
    Answer: Colorado and Wyoming have 4 sides, Utah has 6.
  • Question for Nov 9: What is the longest river in China?
    Answer: The Yangtze
  • Question for Nov 10: What are the capitals of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan?
    Answer: Yerevan, Tbilisi, Baku
  • Question for Nov 11: What are the 4 Federated States of Micronesia?
    Answer: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae
  • Question for Nov 12: New York is called "The Big Apple"; what US city is nicknamed "The Big Orange"?
    Answer: Los Angeles
  • Question for Nov 13: What US city is nicknamed "The Big Guava"?
    Answer: Tampa
  • Question for Nov 14: What US city is nicknamed "The Big Peach"?
    Answer: Atlanta
  • Question for Nov 15: Not NYC, "the Big Apple", but what US city is "The Big Scrapple"?
    Answer: Philadepphia
  • Question for Nov 16: The Badwater Ultramarathon goes between what low and high places?
    Answer: Death Valley and Mount Whitney
  • Question for Nov 17: The largest sand dune formation in the US is in which state?
    Answer: Nebraska -- The Sand Hills
  • Question for Nov 18: What was the hometown of Romeo and Juliet?
    Answer: Verona
  • Question for Nov 19: What causes the pile of soil and debris called a moraine?
    Answer: A melting, retreating glacier
  • Question for Nov 20: Maromokotro is the high point of what island?
    Answer: Madagascar
  • Question for Nov 21: What principality of 180 sq. mi. is found in the Pyrenees?
    Answer: Andorra
  • Question for Nov 22: What small island is separated from the Isle of Man by Calf Sound?
    Answer: The Calf of Man
  • Question for Nov 23: Which US cities named Portland have airports PDX and PWM?
    Answer: PDX: Oregon; PWM: Maine
  • Question for Nov 24: Which tropic lies about 23 degrees north of the Equator? South?
    Answer: North, Tropic of Cancer; South, Tropic of Capricorn
  • Question for Nov 25: Babylon was the capital of Babylonia; where in the world was it?
    Answer: Modern-day Iraq, south of Baghdad
  • Question for Nov 26: Where was the highest-ever surface wind for the northern hemisphere?
    Answer: Mt Washington, NH (231 MPH, 372 km/hr)
  • Question for Nov 27: Most US states have counties; what are these called in Alaska?
    Answer: Boroughs
  • Question for Nov 28: What are the three regional subdivisions of Belgium?
    Answer: Wallonia, Flanders, and Brussels-Capital Region
  • Question for Nov 29: What are the names for the parliaments of Iceland, Denmark, and Norway?
    Answer: Althing, Folketing, and Storting
  • Question for Nov 30: What are the three most populous countries of Africa?
    Answer: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt
  • Question for Dec 1: Which 5 states became part of the US after 1900?
    Answer: Arizona, New Mexico, Hawai'i, Alaska, Oklahoma
  • Question for Dec 2: Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland were once ruled by what country?
    Answer: Denmark
  • Question for Dec 3: A 14,912 mile trail is being build for recreational hiking in what country?
    Answer: Canada; The Trans-Canada Trail from Arctic to Atlantic to Pacifi
  • Question for Dec 4: What sea separates Ukraine from Turkey?
    Answer: The Black Sea
  • Question for Dec 5: What is the most popular surname in China?
    Answer: Wang (99 million+); Li (93 million+)
  • Question for Dec 6: What is unusual about the Dong people of Guizhou Province?
    Answer: The Dong people have no written language.
  • Question for Dec 7: From on 1 in 2005, how many McDonalds were in China in 2015?
    Answer: Over 2000
  • Question for Dec 8: What percentage of shoes sold in the US are made in China?
    Answer: About 72%
  • Question for Dec 9: What is the longest canal in the world (it's in China)?
    Answer: The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
  • Question for Dec 10: What is the fastest train presently in service anywhere?
    Answer: Shanghai Maglev, connecting airport and city
  • Question for Dec 11: Who produces more apples, China or the US?
    Answer: China produces nine times more apples as the US
  • Question for Dec 12: (From Fhe Economist) WHich 5 cities have the highest cost of living?
    Answer: Singapore, Zurich, Hong Kong, Geneva, Paris
  • Question for Dec 13: What is unique about the Balinese holiday Nyepi?
    Answer: Nyepi is a public day of silence – outside of hotels, everything is closed, including beaches and airports.
  • Question for Dec 14: What is the longest river in Europe?
    Answer: Danube, or Volga if you include European Russia
  • Question for Dec 15: What is the body of water between Italy and the Balkans?
    Answer: The Adriatic Sea
  • Question for Dec 16: What bodies of water separate the Black Sea and the Aegean?
    Answer: The Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles
  • Question for Dec 17: What Nordic country has the highest population?
    Answer: Sweden has ca. 10 million; Norway, Finland, Denmark, ca. 5 million each: Iceland, 323,000.
  • Question for Dec 18: What city in Scandinavia has the most people?
    Answer: Stockholm (around 1.5 million)
  • Question for Dec 19: Sweden borders which two countries?
    Answer: Finland and Norway
  • Question for Dec 20: What two lakes are on the White-Sea-to-Baltic-Sea Canal?
    Answer: Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega
  • Question for Dec 21: What 3 great cities are on the Gulf of Finland?
    Answer: Helsinki, Tallinn, and St Petersburg
  • Question for Dec 22: What language is the origin of the English word Geyser?
    Answer: From Icelandic, after a hot spring called Geysir
  • Question for Dec 23: From where does English get the word AVOCADO?
    Answer: From the Aztec "ahuacatl" (meaning testicle)
  • Question for Dec 24: From what root does English get the name for the fabric "DENIM"?
    Answer: Originally from Nimes, France, hence "De Nimes"
  • Question for Dec 25: What are the names of the three active volcanoes in Hawai'i?
    Answer: Mauna Loa and Kilauea on the Big Island, and Loihi underwater.
  • Question for Dec 26: What is the difference between a Key (cay) and an island?
    Answer: Island: any land mass surrounded by water; Key: land on top of coral reefs
  • Question for Dec 27: What is the name of the port that serves Athens, Greece?
    Answer: Piraeus
  • Question for Dec 28: The Corinth Canal helps ships travel between what two seas?
    Answer: Ionian and Aegean
  • Question for Dec 29: What two islands mark the southern extent of the Aegean Sea?
    Answer: Crete and Rhodes
  • Question for Dec 30: Novi Sad, Serbia -- what does its name mean?
    Answer: Novi Sad means New Plantation
  • Question for Dec 31: What are the first 2 countries to welcome the New Year?
    Answer: Samoa and Kiribati

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