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Daily Trivia Archive 2017

This is the archive of the daily geography trivia quiz found on my facebook page

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  • Question for Jan 1: What is the LAST populated place to welcome the New Year?
    Answer: US Minor Outlying Islands, including Midway and Wake
  • Question for Jan 2: What is the main river through the city of Bordeaux?
    Answer: The Garonne River
  • Question for Jan 3: For which year's World's Fair was the Eiffel Tower constructed?
    Answer: 1889
  • Question for Jan 4: How many Departements does France have?
    Answer: 96 domestic and 5 overseas departments
  • Question for Jan 5: What is the French president's official residence?
    Answer: The Elysee Palace
  • Question for Jan 6: What is the French Riviera called in France?
    Answer: La Cote D'Azur
  • Question for Jan 7: Which French kind was executed in the French Revolution?
    Answer: Louis XVI
  • Question for Jan 8: What is France's highest point?
    Answer: Mont Blanc
  • Question for Jan 9: Where is Napoleon Bonaparte buried?
    Answer: Hotel des Invalides, Paris
  • Question for Jan 10: France has the tallest bridge in the world. Where is it?
    Answer: The Millau Viaduct, near Millau, in Aveyron.
  • Question for Jan 11: Which French king was known as Le Roi-Soleil, the Sun King?
    Answer: Louis XIV
  • Question for Jan 12: The 2CV is an iconic small French car; what does the name mean?
    Answer: Deux Chevaux; i.e., two horsepower
  • Question for Jan 13: In its own language, what country is called Cymru?
    Answer: Wales
  • Question for Jan 14: In its own language, what country is called Crna Gora?
    Answer: Montenegro
  • Question for Jan 15: In its own language, what country is called Lietuva?
    Answer: Lithuania
  • Question for Jan 16: In its own language, what country is called Island?
    Answer: Iceland
  • Question for Jan 17: What are Italy's three active volcanoes?
    Answer: Vesuvius, Etna, and Stromboli
  • Question for Jan 18: In Rome one sees SPQR on many buildings. Meaning?
    Answer: Senate and People of Rome
  • Question for Jan 19: The word TRIVIA is an italian word; meaning?
    Answer: Plural of TRIVIUM, an unimportant place where 3 roads meet.
  • Question for Jan 20: Which 2 countries are entirely surrounded by Italy?
    Answer: Vatican and San Marino
  • Question for Jan 21: In its own language, what place is called Shqiperia?
    Answer: Albania
  • Question for Jan 22: What fraction of worldwide cork is produced in Portugal?
    Answer: About one half
  • Question for Jan 23: If California were a country, where would it be in the list of countries by population?
    Answer: #36, after Uganda
  • Question for Jan 24: What is Mexico's official name?
    Answer: Estados Unidos Mexicanos
  • Question for Jan 25: How many states make up the Mexican Federation?
    Answer: 31 states plus Mexico City (Mexico DF)
  • Question for Jan 26: Which is larger, Texas or Mexico?
    Answer: Mexico is almost 3 times the size of Texas
  • Question for Jan 27: How big is the Mexican tamale called the Zacahuil?
    Answer: The Zacahuit tamale can be 3 feet long and weigh up to 150 pounds
  • Question for Jan 28: The University of Mexico was established how many years before Harvard?
    Answer: The University of Mexico is 85 years older than Harvard (1551, 1636)
  • Question for Jan 29: What dog is named after a Mexican state?
    Answer: Chihuahua
  • Question for Jan 30: What 4 citites have higher population than Mexico City?
    Answer: Tokyo, NYC, Sao Paulo, Seoul
  • Question for Jan 31: Mariachis usually play with at least one Vihuela. What is it?
    Answer: A guitar-like string instrument with 5 or 6 doubled strings
  • Question for Feb 1: If Francophone nations speak French, what about Lusophone nations?
    Answer: Portuguese
  • Question for Feb 2: Portugal boasts the world's longest bridge. Where is it? Answer: The Vasco da Gama Bridge over the Tagus in Lisbon
  • Question for Feb 3: What is Brazil's highest mountain?
    Answer: Pico de Neblina (Mist Peak) 2995.3 M
  • Question for Feb 4: Where does Brazil rank in coffee exports?
    Answer: Brazil is #1 in the world in coffee exports
  • Question for Feb 5: The Sao Paulo traffic jam of 15 November 2013 was how long?
    Answer: The infamous Sao Paulo traffic jam was 309 KM (192 miles) long
  • Question for Feb 6: What is a rain shadow?
    Answer: The dry area on the lee side of a mountain range.
  • Question for Feb 7: What is the length of the equator?
    Answer: About 24,874 miles, 40,030 km.
  • Question for Feb 8: What is Earth's circumference pole-to-pole?
    Answer: ABout 24,860 miles, 40,008 km
  • Question for Feb 9: What Southern Hemisphere country has the largest area?
    Answer: Brazil
  • Question for Feb 10: In its own language, what country is Eesti?
    Answer: Estonia
  • Question for Feb 11: Which ONE country produces the most barley, buckwheat, and oats?
    Answer: Russia
  • Question for Feb 12: What country produces the most corn?
    Answer: The United States
  • Question for Feb 13: What country produces the most green beans and broccoli?
    Answer: China
  • Question for Feb 14: What country produces the most yams?
    Answer: Nigeria
  • Question for Feb 15: What country is the world's largest producer of silver?
    Answer: Mexico
  • Question for Feb 16: What is unique about the flag of Nepal?
    Answer: It's the only national flag that is not 4-sided
  • Question for Feb 17: What country produces the most peaches and apples?
    Answer: China
  • Question for Feb 18: Feb 18: Milk, tea, coffee, wine, beer – which countries produce the most of each?
    Answer: Milk-India; Tea-China; Coffee-Brazil; Wine-France; Beer-China
  • Question for Feb 19: What country produces the most cocoa?
    Answer: Cote D'Ivoire
  • Question for Feb 20: What 2 countries are top producers of Uranium?
    Answer: Kazakhstan and Canada
  • Question for Feb 21: What one country produces the most Aluminum, Gold, Tin, and Zinc?
    Answer: China
  • Question for Feb 22: In Nepal, Mt Everest is called Sagarmatha; what does that mean?
    Answer: Forehead in the sky
  • Question for Feb 23: By the calendar used in Nepal, what year are we in?
    Answer: The Nepali calendar is 56+ years ahead of Gregorian, so this year is 2073.
  • Question for Feb 24: What are the two national sports of Bhutan?
    Answer: Archery and darts
  • Question for Feb 25: The flag of Chile is very similar to which US state's flag?
    Answer: Texas
  • Question for Feb 26: What desert occupies the northern third of Chile?
    Answer: The Atacama Desert
  • Question for Feb 27: What desert occupies the northern third of China?
    Answer: The Gobi Desert
  • Question for Feb 28: What 5 countries of mainland Africa begin with M?
    Answer: Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique
  • Question for Mar 1: What US states west of the Mississippi border Canada?
    Answer: North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Alaska
  • Question for Mar 2: Niagara Falls is between which two Great Lakes?
    Answer: L. Erie and L. Ontario
  • Question for Mar 3: What is the smallest independent country in South America?
    Answer: Suriname
  • Question for Mar 4: What is Suriname's capital?
    Answer: Paramaribo
  • Question for Mar 5: Which US state is the largest producer of Gold?
    Answer: Nevada
  • Question for Mar 6: Norfolk Island is a dependency of what nation?
    Answer: Australia
  • Question for Mar 7: Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, is a dependency of what country?
    Answer: Chile
  • Question for Mar 8: What is Canada's population as a percentage of the US's?
    Answer: Canada's population is just a hair over 10% of that of the US.
  • Question for Mar 9: What are the states of the Federated States of Micronesia?
    Answer: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae
  • Question for Mar 10: Capital of the Federated States of Micronesia?
    Answer: Palikir
  • Question for Mar 11: When was the present-day Canada maple leaf fleag adopted?
    Answer: 1965
  • Question for Mar 12: Name Canada's three territories, which have 40% of the land and 3% of the people.
    Answer: Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
  • Question for Mar 13: When did O Canada become Canada's Ntional Anthem?
    Answer: 1980
  • Question for Mar 14: Which US state has the longest border with Canada?
    Answer: Alaska, 1538 Miles
  • Question for Mar 15: Nov 11 in the US is Veteran's Day; in Canada what is it called?
    Answer: Remembrance Day
  • Question for Mar 16: What food invention is credited to Canadian Edward Asselbergs?
    Answer: Instant mashed potatoes
  • Question for 17: What two US states have land on both sides of the Mississippi?
    Answer: Louisiana and Minnesota
  • Question for Mar 18: Which 7 US states have areas known as panhandles?
    Answer: Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, West Virgina, Idaho, Alaska, Maryland
  • Question for Mar 19: Which two US states have the longest coastline?
    Answer: Alaska and Florida
  • Question for Mar 20: What are the official languages of Angola?
    Answer: Portuguese and six recognized national languages
  • Question for Mar 21: Russia's launch base for space exploration is located where?
    Answer: Kazakhstan
  • Question for Mar 22: Which US states touch two different oceans?
    Answer: Alaska only
  • Question for Mar 23: Which two Canadian provinces do not touch saltwater bay or ocean?
    Answer: Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Question for Mar 24: What mainland African country has the longest coastline?
    Answer: Somalia
  • Question for Mar 25: The name "America" is named just once in all of Shakespeare's plays; which one?
    Answer: The Comedy of Errors (Act III, Scene 2)
  • Question for Mar 26: What country has the longest coastline?
    Answer: Canada (125,000 miles, 202,000 km)
  • Question for Mar 27: Which 4 US states begin with the letter B?
    Answer: Baton Rouge, Bismarck, Boise, Boston
  • Question for Mar 28: Which 6 US capitals begin with C?
    Answer: Carson City, Charleston, Cheyenne, Columbia, Columbus, Concord
  • Question for Mar 29: Which three US states have elevation changes of more than 14,000 feet?
    Answer: Alaska, California, Washington
  • Question for Mr 30: What city was called Edo when it was founded around 1450?
    Answer: Tokyo
  • Question for Mar 31: Which 6 US state capitals begin with S?
    Answer: Sacramento, Saint Paul, Salem, Salt Lake City, Santa Fe, Springfield
  • Question for Apr 1: What is the Welsh name for Wales?
    Answer: Cymru
  • Question for Apr 2: What European volcano has recently been erupting?
    Answer: Mt Etna
  • Question for Apr 3: What is the only Great Lake completely within the US?
    Answer: Lake Michigan
  • Question for Apr 4: The Earth is about 75% water; what percentage is FRESH water?
    Answer: About 2.5%
  • Question for Apr 5: What is the Scots Gaelic name for Scotland?
    Answer: Alba
  • Question for Apr 6: What is Canada's largest island (5th in the world)?
    Answer: Baffin Island
  • Question for Apr 7: What are South America's two largest countries?
    Answer: Brazil and Argentina
  • Question for Apr 8: Which Central American country does not touch the Atlantic?
    Answer: El Salvador
  • Question for April 9: What passage separates the Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico?
    Answer: The Mona Passage
  • Question for April 10: What is the world's largest tropical rainforest?
    Answer: The Amazon Rain Forest
  • Question for Apr 11: What is the tallest peak in the Caribbean
    Answer: Pico Duarte, in the Dominican Republic, 10,164 feet
  • Question for Apr 12: Machu Picchu is a remnant of which civilization?
    Answer: The Incas
  • Question for Apr 13: Utila, Roatan, and Guanaja are islands of which country?
    Answer: Honduras
  • Question for Apr 14: What is the hightest peak in Colombia?
    Answer: Pico Cristobal Colon
  • Question for Apr 15: What S. American territory is part of the E.U.?
    Answer: French Guiana
  • Question for Apr 16: Which Caribbean island is known as El Cocodrilo, the crocodile?
    Answer: Cuba
  • Question for Apr 17: Which Latin American country has no military?
    Answer: Costa Rica
  • Question for Apr 18: Which S. American city was designed to look like an airplane?
    Answer: Brasilia
  • Question for Apr 19: What was the last South American country to gain independence?
    Answer: Suriname gained independence from The Netherlands in 1975
  • Question for Apr 20: Venezuela has the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall; what is its name?
    Answer: Angel Falls
  • Question for Apr 21: What five countries are well known for geyser activity?
    Answer: United States, Iceland, New Zealand, Chile, Russia
  • Question for Apr 22: What US mountain is known for having rain almost every day (360 days a year)?
    Answer: Mt Waialeale, on Kauai, in Hawaii
  • Question for Apr 23: What is the main square in Bogota called?
    Answer: Plaza Bolivar
  • Question for Apr 24: What is the capital of Denmark, and what is the name of its 180-year-old amusement park?
    Answer: COpenhagen; Tivoli Gardens
  • Question for Apr 25: What does the name Copenhagen mean?
    Answer: In Medieval Danish it means merchants harbor.
  • Question for Apr 26: What city became capital of India in 1931?
    Answer: New Delhi
  • Question for Apr 27: What is the origin of the name Himalayas?
    Answer: Hima -- snow; alaya -- abode or home
  • Question for Apr 28: What are India's official languages?
    Answer: Only Hindi; English is also official but "subsidiary"
  • Question for Apr 29: What is the name of the national anthem of India?
    Answer: Jana Gana Mana
  • Question for Apr 30: India is comprised of how many states and territories?
    Answer: 29 states and 7 Union Territories
  • Question for May 1: When did Burma become independent from India?
    Answer: 1937
  • Question for May 2: The city of Chennai was foremerly known by what name?
    Answer: Madras
  • Question for May 3: Of which Indian state is Chennai the capital?
    Answer: Tamil Nadu
  • Question for May 4: What state of India has the smallest area?
    Answer: Goa
  • Question for May 5: India's Arunachal Pradesh is claimed by China as what?
    Answer: South Tibet
  • Question for May 6: Why is French an official language of Pondicherry?
    Answer: It was the largest French colony in India
  • Question for May 7: What were the Winter and Summer capitals of India under British rule?
    Answer: Calcutta (Winter); Shimla (Summer)
  • Question for May 8: Who was the last Governor General of India, from 1947 to 1950?
    Answer: W. C. Rajogopalachari, the only Indian national to hold the office
  • Question for May 9: The Taj Mahal took how long to build, and when was it finished?
    Answer: 22 years; 1653
  • Question for May 10: India produces 60% of the world's supply of what mineral?
    Answer: Mica
  • Question for May 11: The oldest existing Sanskrit literature is known as what?
    Answer: The Vedas (The Knowledge)
  • Question for 12: What are the two most-read daily newspapers in India?
    Answer: Dainik Jagran (daily ritual), Dainik Bhaskar (daily sun)
  • Question for May 13: Starbucks in India is partnered 50-50 with what firm?
    Answer: Tata
  • Question for May 14: What are the names of the two chambers of India's Parliament?
    Answer: Lok Sabha (lower; people's assembly), Rajya Sabha (upper; state assembly)
  • Question for May 15: Who was the first Prime Minister of India?
    Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Question for May 16: What is the common mantra for connecting with God in Sikhism?
    Answer: Waheguru (wonderful teacher)
  • Question for May 17: What historical figure from India is referred to as Bapu (father)?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  • Question for May 18: Mhat Malayalam festival features boat races and tiger dances?
    Answer: Onam
  • Question for 19: What two countries are the world's most densely populated?
    Answer: Monaco and Singapore
  • Question for May 20: How high is the highest natural point in Singapore?
    Answer: Bukit Timah Hill is 164 meters high.
  • Question for May 21: When did Lebanon gain independence? From whom?
    Answer: 1943; from France
  • Question for May 22: What are the 2 main languages of Lebanon?
    Answer: Arabic and French
  • Question for May 23: Which US state has the highest mean elevation AND the highest low point?
    Answer: Colorado
  • Question for May 24: Which state has the lowest mean elevation?
    Answer: Delaware
  • Question for May 25: Into which ocean do most Russian rivers flow?
    Answer: Most Russian rivers flow north, into the Arctic Ocean
  • Question for May 26: Of Canada's provinces and territories, which is largest?
    Answer: Nunavut is largest by far, representing 21% of Canada’s area
  • Question for May 27: Of Canada's provinces and territories, which is smallest?
    Answer: Prince Edward Island, 0.1% of Canada's area
  • Question for May 28: The barren plataeu of southern Spain is known by what name?
    Answer: La Mancha
  • Question for May 29: Besides Castilian Spanish, what are the recognized co-official languages of Spain?
    Answer: Aragonese, Asturian, Basque, Catalan, Galician, Occitan
  • Question for May 30: By what other name is Spain's San Fermin festival called?
    Answer: The Running of the Bulls
  • Question for May 31: What is Spain's highest mountain?
    Answer: Mount Tiede, on the Island of Tenerife
  • Question for Jun 1: What are Spain's two autonomous cities in North Africa?
    Answer: Ceuta and Melilla
  • Question for Jun 2: What are the 5 largest islands of the Canaries?
    Answer: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma
  • Question for Jun 3: What are the 4 largest islands of the Balearics?
    Answer: Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera
  • Question for Jun 4: The early Greek name for the Balearics was Gymnesiae. Why?
    Answer: Gymnos means “naked” and it is supposed the inhabitants wore no clothes because of the warm climate
  • Question for Jun 5: Spain is home to an event called La Tomatina. What is it?
    Answer: A tomato fight, celebrated at tomato harvest in Valencia
  • Question for Jun 6: What does The Equator represent?
    Answer: The line of longitude halfway between the poles
  • Question for Jun 7: What do the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn represent?
    Answer: The most northerly and southerly lines of latitude where the Sun can be directly overhead
  • Question for Jun 8: What is the current tilt of the Earth's axis?
    Answer: Approximately 23.4 degtrees
  • Question for Jun 9: Which countries have the highest and lowest average annual rainfall?
    Answer: Colombia and Egypt (FAO 2014)
  • Question for Jun 10: Which US states have the hightest and lowest annual average rainfall?
    Answer: Hawaii and Nevada
  • Question for Jun 11: Which US state began in 1632 as a refuge for English Catholics?
    Answer: Maryland
  • Question for Jun 12: What are the two landlocked countries of South America?
    Answer: Bolivia and Paraguay
  • Question for Jun 13: Brazil has 1 Federal District and how many states?
    Answer: Brazil has 1 federal district and 26 states
  • Question for Jun 14: What state of Brazil has the highest population?
    Answer: Sao Paulo
  • Question for Jun 15: What is the least populated state of Brazil?
    Answer: Roraima
  • Question for Jun 16: Which state of Brazil has the largest area; the smallest?
    Answer: Amazonas; Sergipe
  • Question for Jun 17: Where is the cape once called Cape Tragabigzanda, what is it called now?
    Answer: Cape Ann, Massachusetts, USA
  • Question for Jun 18: What is the world's largest fish market and where is it?
    Answer: Tsukiji Market in Tokyo
  • Question for 19: According to WHO, what country has the highest life expectancy?
    Answer: Japan (WHO, 2015)
  • Question for Jun 20: What country has the fewest gun-related deaths, which the most?
    Answer: Japan, Honduras
  • Question for Jun 21: What country has the most pet dogs?
    Answer: The USA leads the world with 75.8 million dogs
  • Question for Jun 22: What are the five most-populated countries?
    Answer: China, India, USA, Indonesia, Brazil
  • Question for Jun 23: Australia -- what does the name mean?
    Answer: Early maps referred to Terra Australis Incognita, "unknown land to the South"
  • Question for Jun 24: Van Diemen's Land was an early name for which Australian state?
    Answer: Tasmania
  • Question for Jun 25: After Sydney, what are Australia's next three most populous cities?
    Answer: Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth
  • Question for Jun 26: What Australian state has the name of a queen? (Not Queensland)
    Answer: Victoria
  • Question for Jun 27: What are the two largest UNESCO World Heritage Sites by area?
    Answer: Phoenix Islands Protected Area and the Great Barrier Reef
  • Question for Jun 28: What are the two Australian states with Australia in their names?
    Answer: South Australia, Western Australia
  • Question for Jun 29: What is the capital of the state of South Australia?
    Answer: Adelaide
  • Question for Jun 30: What is the capital of the state of Tasmania?
    Answer: Hobart
  • Question for Jul 1: How many of Canada's 10 highest mountains are in the Yukon?
    Answer: 9 of the 10 highest are in the Yukon
  • Question for Jul 2: What are the 2 names for New Zealand's highest mountain?
    Answer: Aoraki or Mt Cook (or both)
  • Question for Jul 3: New Zealand's eponymous Kiwifruit was called by what name until the 1970's?
    Answer: Chinese Gooseberries
  • Question for Jul 4: How many of Africa's 54 countries are members of the African Union?
    Answer: All 54, plus the Sahrawi Republic, over which Morocco claims sovereignty
  • Question for Jul 5: What is the longest canal in the world?
    Answer: The Grand Canal of China, Beijing to Hangzhou, 1176 KM
  • Question for Jul 6: What is Canada's capital; what is its largest city?
    Answer: Ottawa; Toronto
  • Question for Jul 7: What French territory is 23 KM from Newfoundland?
    Answer: St Pierre and Miquelon
  • Question for Jul 8: Angle Township is part of a US exclave called the Northwest Angle, located where?
    Answer: Lake of the Woods, Manitoba
  • Question for Jul 9: Which US state has the longest border with Canada?
    Answer: Alaska, 1538 Miles
  • Question for Jul 10: Which four Canadian provinces made up the Dominion in 1867?
    Answer: Ontario and Quebec, which were then known as Canada, plus New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
  • Question for Jul 11: Which Canadian hockey team is called The Habs?
    Answer: The Montreal Canadiens, known as Les Habitants, or the Habs
  • Question for Jul 12: What river rises in Canada and flows 1980 miles to the Pacific?
    Answer: The Yukon River
  • Question for Jul 13: What is Canada's largest territory?
    Answer: Nunavut -- 2,093,190 Sq KM
  • Question for Jul 14: What is Canada’s largest province by area?
    Answer: Quebec -- 1,542,056 Sq KM
  • Question for Jul 15: Veteran's Day in the US, November 11, is known by what name in Canada?
    Answer: Remembrance Day
  • Question for Jul 16: Which is the only US state flag that is not rectangular?
    Answer: Ohio
  • Question for Jul 17: What is the highest bridge in the US?
    Answer: The Royal Gorge Bridge above the Arkansas River in Colorado
  • Question for Jul 18: What is unusual about the coastlines of the Sargasso Sea?
    Answer: The Sargasso Sea has no coastlines. It’s in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Question for Jul 19: What three countries have coastlines on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean?
    Answer: France, Spain, Morocco
  • Question for Jul 20: What 3 countries are each complete surrounded by one other country?
    Answer: Lesotho, San Marino, Vatican City
  • Question for Jul 21: What European country is home to the region of Transylvania?
    Answer: Romania
  • Question for Jul 22: What and where is the longest freshwater beach in the world?
    Answer: Wasaga Beach, on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron in Ontario
  • Question for Jul 23: Does the Earth rotate North, South, East, or West?
    Answer: The Earth rotates to the East
  • Question for Jul 24: Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia; what does the name mean?
    Answer: Muddy Confluence (of two rivers)
  • Question for Jul 25: What two rivers meet at Kuala Lumpur?
    Answer: The Klang and the Gombak
  • Question for Jul 26: What is Malaysia's highest point?
    Answer: Mt Kinabalu, 4096 meters
  • Question for 27: Which two countries have more than 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites?
    Answer: Italy (53), China (52)
  • Question for Jul 28: Where is the archipelago called Svalbard?
    Answer: Between Norway and the North Pole
  • Question for Jul 29: What name was formerly used for Svalbard?
    Answer: Spitsbergen, now used as the name for the largest island
  • Question for Jul 30: What is Svalbard's largest populated place?
    Answer: Longyearbyen, population about 3000
  • Question for Jul 31: Where are the Faroe Islands?
    Answer: Between Scotland, Norway, and Iceland
  • Question for Aug 1: The Faroe Islands are an autonomous part of what country?
    Answer: Denmark
  • Question for Aug 2: What is the capital of the Faroe Islands?
    Answer: Torshavn, populatioin about 19,000
  • Question for Aug 3: The capital of Nunavut is Iqaluit; what does the name mean?
    Answer: Iqaluit means many fish or place of fish in Inuktitut
  • Question for Aug 4: If Nunavut were a country, where would it be listed by size?
    Answer: #14 -- smaller than Saudi Arabia, but larger than Mexico
  • Question for Aug 5: What stone marker is featured on the Nunavut flag?
    Answer: An Inukshuk, a symbol of welcome
  • Question for Aug 6: What star is featured on the Nunavut flag?
    Answer: Niqirtsuituq, the North Star
  • Question for Aug 7: Which US states have the highest and lowest rainfall per year?
    Answer: Hawai'i, 63.7 inches; Nevada, 9.54 inches
  • Question for Aug 8: What US states have the highest and lowest average elevation?
    Answer: Colorado, 6,800 feet; Delaware, 60 feet
  • Question for Aug 9: Of which country is Greenland a dependency?
    Answer: Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark
  • Question for Aug 10: What is the difference between a KAYAK and an UMIAK?
    Answer: Closed kayaks were first used for hunting, open umiaks for transporting passengers
  • Question for Aug 11: Greenlandic, spoken by most residents of Greenland, is similar to what other languages?
    Answer: Greenlandic is similar to the inuit languages of northern Canada
  • Question for Aug 12: What is the capital of Greenland?
    Answer: Nuuk, population around 17,000
  • Question for Aug 13: What 4 languages are each the official language in more than 20 countries?
    Answer: English (59), French (29), Arabic (27), Spanish (21)
  • Question for Aug 14: According to Ethnologue, how many languages are there in the world?
    Answer: 7099
  • Question for Aug 15: In which country are the most native languages spoken?
    Answer: Papua New Guinea (about 820 languages)
  • Question for Aug 16: What language is believed to contain the most words?
    Answer: The Oxford English Dictionary says English contains the most words.
  • Question for Aug 17: Which English tongue-twister does Guinness say is the most difficult?
    Answer: The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick
  • Question for Aug 18: Aoraki is the highest point of which country?
    Answer: Aoraki, Mt Cook, is the highest point in New Zealand
  • Question for Aug 19: Of the 4 languages of Switzerland, which has the most speakers?
    Answer: German (74%), French (20%), Italian (5%), Romansch (1%)
  • Question for Aug 20: Interlaken, Switzerland lies between what two lakes?
    Answer: Lake Brienz and Lake Thun
  • Question for Aug 21: If you want Canadian Bacon in a Canadian restaurant, what do you order?
    Answer: Back Bacon
  • Question for Aug 22: If you want Swiss Cheese in a Swiss restaurant, what do you order?
    Answer: Emmentaler
  • Question for Aug 23: What is Australia's highest mountain?
    Answer: Mount Kosciusko
  • Question for Aug 24: Doyle's Delight is the highest point in what country?
    Answer: Belize
  • Question for Aug 25: What is Brazil's highest mountain?
    Answer: Pico da Neblina
  • Question for Aug 26: Mount Catherine is the highest point in what African country?
    Answer: Egypt
  • Question for 27: France's highest point is Mont Blanc; what is its lowest point?
    Answer: Etang de Lavalduc (-10 M)
  • Question for Aug 28: Victoria is the capital of which Canadian province?
    Answer: British Columbia
  • Question for Aug 29: What is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria?
    Answer: Melbourne
  • Question for Aug 30: The Great Lakes contain what percentage of Earth's surface water?
    Answer: 21%
  • Question for Aug 31: Which of Earth's deserts is classified as largest in area?
    Answer: Antarctica
  • Question for Sep 1: What country has more than half of Earth's natural lakes?
    Answer: Canada
  • Question for Sep 2: 80% of active US volcanoes are found in which state?
    Answer: Alaska
  • Question for Sep 3: What US state borders 4 US states and 4 Mexican states?
    Answer: Texas (Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Neuvo Leon, and Tamaulipas)
  • Question for Sep 4: What continent has land in the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Hemispheres of the Earth?
    Answer: Africa
  • Question for Sep 5: Flowing an average 7 KPH, what is the world's fastest river?
    Answer: The Amazon
  • Question for Sep 6: Which US state has the most miles of river?
    Answer: Nebraska
  • Question for Sep 7: What is the highest mountain in the UK?
    Answer: Ben Nevis, 1,345 M
  • Question for Sep 8: What is the longest river in Canada?
    Answer: The Mackenzie River
  • Question for Sep 9: What country is made up of 26 formerly sovereign states now called cantons?
    Answer: Switzerland
  • Question for Sep 10: Which Swiss canton is the most-recently created?
    Answer: Jura; in 1979 it became independent from Bern
  • Question for Sep 11: What 4 US states call themselves Commonwealths?
    Answer: Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Virginia
  • Question for Sep 12: What percentage of Canadians reported in the most recent census that they speak French at home?
    Answer: 21%
  • Question for Sep 13: What four seas, in English, are named for colors?
    Answer: Red, White, Yellow, and Black Seas
  • Question for Sep 14: Which 6 countries have 4 or more official languages?
    Answer: Bolivia (38), Zimbabwe (16) S. Africa (11), Norway (8) Switzerland and Singapore (4)
  • Question for Sep 15: Which 7 countries have NO designated official language?
    Answer: Australia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Japan, Mexico, UK, USA
  • Question for Sep 16: Where do Haligonians live?
    Answer: Halifax, Nova Scotia or Halifax, Yorkshire, England
  • Question for Sep 17: What is the word for a person from Guam?
    Answer: Guamanian
  • Question for Sep 18: People from what country might call themselves Magyars?
    Answer: Hungary
  • Question for Sep 19: What is the word for a person from Kiribati?
    Answer: I-Kiribati
  • Question for Sep 20: The Kiribati Flag shows a frigate bird on top, and what below?
    Answer: The Ocean
  • Question for Sep 21: Before independence, what was Kiribati called?
    Answer: The Gilbert Islands
  • Question for Sep 22: What is the capital of Kiribati?
    Answer: South Tarawa
  • Question for Sep 23: What is the capital of Tuvalu?
    Answer: Funafuti
  • Question for Sep 24: What was Tuvalu called before independence?
    Answer: The Ellice Islands
  • Question for Sep 25: What currency is used in Kiribati?
    Answer: The Australian Dollar
  • Question for Sep 26: Besides Australia and Kiribati, where else is the Australian dollar used?
    Answer: Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Coral Sea Islands, Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu
  • Question for Sep 27: Besides New Zealand, where else is the NZ dollar used?
    Answer: The Cook Islands, Niue, The Ross Dependency, Tokelau, and the Pitcairn Islands
  • Question for Sep 28: Which 8 countries share a border with France?
    Answer: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Andorra
  • Question for Sep 29: The CFA West African Franc is the currency of which 8 countries?
    Answer: Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Cote D’Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo
  • Question for Sep 30: The CFA Central African Franc is the currency of which 6 countries?
    Answer: Cameroun, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon
  • Question for Oct 1: The CFP Pacific Colonies Franc is the official currency of which countries?
    Answer: French Polynesia, New Caledonia, and Wallis and Futuna
  • Question for Oct 2: What is the largest freshwater loch in Scotland?
    Answer: Loch Lomond
  • Question for Oct 3: What is the highest peak in Scotland?
    Answer: Ben Nevis (4,406 feet)
  • Question for Oct 4: What are Scotland's three largest cities, in order?
    Answer: Glasgow (600K), Edinburgh (500K), Aberdeen (201K)
  • Question for Oct 5: Of French Overseas Territories, which has the largest area?
    Answer: French Guiana, 83,000 Sq. Km.
  • Question for Oct 6: Of French overseas territories, which is largest in population?
    Answer: Reunion, pop 840,000
  • Question for Oct 7: Guadeloupe's largest city is not its capital; name both.
    Answer: Capital: Basse-Terre; Largest City: Pointe-a-Pitre
  • Question for Oct 8: Japan is subdivided into how many Prefectures?
    Answer: 47 -- 43 regular prefectures, two urban prefectures, one territory, and one metropolis
  • Question for Oct 9: Which prefecture of Japan is the largest in area?
    Answer: Hokkaido, about 83,000 sq km, 5 times the area of the next biggest, Iwate
  • Question for Oct 10: Which of the world's National Anthems has the oldest lyrics?
    Answer: Japan -- Kimigayo is from a poem written around 800 CE
  • Question for Oct 11: Of the world's 10 busiest airports, how many are in Asia?
    Answer: 5 airports: Beijing, Dubai, Tokyo Haneda, Hong Kong, Shanghai
  • Question for Oct 12: What city's restaurants have the most Michelin stars?
    Answer: Tokyo restaurants have a total of 304 stars; Paris is third, with 134.
  • Question for Oct 13: Capital of Bulgaria? What was it named for?
    Answer: Sofia; the Saint Sofia Church, dating from the 4th century CE
  • Question for Oct 14: What country includes a region known as Jutland?
    Answer: Denmark
  • Question for Oct 15: What ancient disease is rampaging through Madagascar?
    Answer: The Plague, a flea-borne disease that killed 50 million in the middle ages
  • Question for Oct 16: Capital of Serbia? Next 2 largest cities?
    Answer: Capital: Belgrade; next 2 cities: Novi Sad and Nis
  • Question for Oct 17: Capital of Tristan da Cunha?
    Answer: Edinburgh of the Seven Seas
  • Question for Oct 18: Name three British territories with a capital called Georgetown.
    Answer: Cayman Islands, Ascension Island, Guyana
  • Question for 19 Oct: Where is Rapa Nui National Park located?
    Answer: Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island
  • Question for 20 October: What two places have capitals called Kingston?
    Answer: Jamaica, and the Australian Territory known as Norfolk Island
  • Question for Oct 21: The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur; how are those two words translated into English?
    Answer: Muddy Confluence (of the Klang and Gombak Rivers)
  • Question for Oct 22: What are Swaziland's two capitals?
    Answer: Mbabane (admin) and Lobamba (royal and Legislative)
  • Question for Oct 23: Which US state has a city called Boring; what is its sister city?
    Answer: Boring is in Oregon; it's sister city is Dull, Scotland
  • Question for Oct 24: The River Thjorsa is the longest in what country?
    Answer: Iceland
  • Question for Oct 25: Which 5 countries have exactly the same name as their capitals?
    Answer: Djibouti, Monaco, San Marino, Singapore, Vatican City
  • Question for Oct 26: What capital city is located on the Gulf of Oman?
    Answer: Muscat, capital of Oman
  • Question for Oct 27: What was the original purpose of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
    Answer: A Bell Tower
  • Question for Oct 28: How many degrees does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean?
    Answer: About 4 degrees
  • Question for Oct 29: What is the name of the Australian state that is an island?
    Answer: Tasmania
  • Question for Oct 30: By what name was Tasmania first known in Europe?
    Answer: Van Diemen's Land
  • Question for Oct 31: What is the name of the island province of Canada?
    Answer: Prince Edward Island
  • Question for Nov 1: Nearly 2000 islands straddle the US/Canada border in which river?
    Answer: The St Lawrence
  • Question for Nov 2: In 1778, James Cook named which islands The Sandwich Islands?
    Answer: Hawai'i
  • Question for Nov 3: How many Emirates are there in the United Arab Emirates?
    Answer: Seven; Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain
  • Question for Nov 4: Crater Lake in Oregon is actually a caldera. What is a caldera?
    Answer: The crater-like basin formed by a volcano cone's collapse
  • Question for Nov 5: Minsk is the capital of what country?
    Answer: Belarus
  • Question for Nov 6: In what year did the Panama Canal open?
    Answer: 1914
  • Question for Nov 7: In Greece, the Black Sea is also called the Euxine Sea, which means what?
    Answer: Hospitable Sea
  • Question for Nov 8: What is the capital of the Province of Quebec?
    Answer: Quebec City
  • Question for Nov 9: Where in Central and South America is English the main language?
    Answer: Belize, Guyana, and the Falkland Islands
  • Question for Nov 10: Which gulf separates Sweden and Finland?
    Answer: The Gulf of Bothnia
  • Question for Nov 11: What is the capital of Slovakia?
    Answer: Bratislava
  • Question for Nov 12: What is the highest peak in Africa?
    Answer: The Kilimanjaro peak (one of three) called Kibo
  • Question for Nov 13: In 1995, Quebec voted against independence by what slim margin?
    Answer: 50.58 percent vs 49.42 percent for sovereignty
  • Question for Nov 14: Does the US have an official langauge?
    Answer: No official language exists at the federal level
  • Question for Nov 15: What are the capitals of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania?
    Answer: Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius
  • Question for Nov 16: Which sea has no land boundaries, no coastlines?
    Answer: The Sargasso Sea, in Mid-Atlantic, bounded only by currents.
  • Question for Nov 17: Accra is the capital of what country?
    Answer: Ghana
  • Question for Nov 18: According to Guinness, what language's alphabet has the most letters?
    Answer: Khmer (Cambodian) has 74 letters
  • Question for 19: What four economies are known as The Asian Tigers?
    Answer: Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea
  • Question for Nov 20: What national capital has the highest altitude?
    Answer: La Paz, Bolivia -- 11,942 feet, 3640 m
  • Question for 21 Nov: What two states have the most national parks? Answer: Alaska and California each have 8
  • Question for Nov 22: What are the world's two largest freshwater lakes?
    Answer: Lake Superior, Lake Victoria
  • Question for Nov 23: The borders of Germany, France, and Switzerland meet close to what major city?
    Answer: The city of Basel
  • Question for 24: The longest river in Italy has what short name?
    Answer: The Po River
  • Question for Nov 25: Where and when was the world's largest silver nugget (1840 pounds) found?
    Answer: Near Aspen, Colorado, in 1894
  • Question for Nov 26: Where and when was the world's largest gem-quality diamond (3106 carats, 1.33 pounds) found?
    Answer: In Cullinan, South Africa, in 1905
  • Question for Nov 27: Where and when was the largest gold nugget (173 pounds) found?
    Answer: In Mollagul, Victoria, Australia, in 1869
  • Question for Nov 28: What national capital was known as Christiana from 1624 to 1924?
    Answer: Oslo
  • Question for Nov 29: What country is known as Hayastan in the language of the country?
    Answer: Armenia is called Hayastan in Armenian
  • Question for Nov 30: What are other names for the biome called The Taiga?
    Answer: Boreal Forest or Snow Forest
  • Question for Dec 1: One theory of the origin of the name Canada is that it derives from which Iroquoian word?
    Answer: Kanata, meaning Village
  • Question for Dec 2: Branabtian and Liburgish are dialects of what language?
    Answer: Flemish (the Dutch dialect spoken in Belgium)
  • Question for Dec 3: What other names have been used for the Russian city of St Petersburg?
    Answer: Petrograd (1914-24), Leningrad (1924-91)
  • Question for Dec 4: Port Moresby is the capital of what country?
    Answer: Papua New Guinea
  • Question for Dec 5: What countries border mainland Spain?
    Answer: Andorra, Portugal, France, and England (Gibraltar)
  • Question for Dec 6: What Arizona river shares a name with a local venomous lizard?
    Answer: The Gila River
  • Question for Dec 7: What are the five Nordic countries?
    Answer: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
  • Question for Dec 8: Which is the largest Nordic country by area, without including dependencies?
    Answer: Sweden
  • Question for Dec 9: Which the the largest Nordic country by area, including dependences?
    Answer: Denmark (includes Greenland)
  • Question for Dec 10: Name the 6 states and one Province that Idaho borders.
    Answer: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, British Columbia
  • Question for Dec 11: How many official languages are there in S. Africa?
    Answer: Eleven: Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu
  • Question for Dec 12: According to the World Tourism Organization, what are the three most-visited countries?
    Answer: France, US, Spain
  • Question for Dec 13: Sucre and Suva are the capitals of what countries?
    Answer: Sucre: Bolivia; Suva: Fiji
  • Question for Dec 14: IN 1991, the USSR became how many independent republics?
    Answer: 15
  • Question for Dec 15: The USSR devolved into which 15 Republics?
    Answer: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan
  • Question for Dec 16: Kenya borders which 5 countries?
    Answer: Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia
  • Question for Dec 17: What river runs through St Petersburg, Russia?
    Answer: The Neva
  • Question for Dec 18: What 5 national capitals have the highest elevation?
    Answer: La Paz, Quito, Thimphu, Bogota, Addis Ababa
  • Question for Dec 19: Name the country whose capital is Abu Dhabi.
    Answer: United Arab Emirates
  • Question for Dec 20: Eritrea's capital?
    Answer: Asmara
  • Question for Dec 21: Which two countries have capitals with similar names: Basse-terre and Basseterre?
    Answer: Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe; Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis
  • Question for Dec 22: Capital of the Isle of Man?
    Answer: Douglas
  • Question for Dec 23: Capital of Kiritimati, or Christmas Island?
    Answer: Flying Fish Cove
  • Question for Dec 24: Which Australian State is an island?
    Answer: Tasmania
  • Question for Dec 25: How do ships travel from the Atlantic to Chicago?
    Answer: Via the St Lawrence Seaway
  • Question for Dec 26: Where is the historical region called Bohemia?
    Answer: Czech Republic
  • Question for Dec 27: Why is the southern tip of S. America called Tierra del Fuego?
    Answer: Magellan saw large fires used by the local natives to warm themselves
  • Question for Dec 28: The Darling River is the longest in what country?
    Answer: Australia
  • Question for Dec 29: What states border Minnesota on the west?
    Answer: North and South Dakota
  • Question for Dec 30: What are other names for the mountain known as K2?
    Answer: Mount Godwin-Austen or Chhogori
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