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. Mapping the World
By Heart
 Completely revised and updated.
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Mapping The World
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Mapping The World
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Mapping the World At Your School: Sample Activities

Note: These activities are samples of in-school programs with, and for, students, such as assemblies and visits with a single class. For in-service programs, seminars, institutes, presentations for administrators, teachers, parents, and associations, and on-line, distance-education opportunities, go to An Introduction To "Mapping The World By Heart" Programs.

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During the school day

  • Geography grab bag – Students draw items from the grab bag, each item tells a story about some aspect of Geography, the Earth, and/or global connections. (K-4; 30 mins)
  • Astounding geography – Amazing facts and concepts about the Earth and its people, told through activities and demonstrations. (K-4; ca. 30 minutes)
  • Cultural Explorations – Cultural identity and differences; origins of foods, music, clothes, toys; how climates and changing seasons affect culture, etc. (5-8, 45 minutes)
  • Getting Around – Through demonstrations, video, and stories, students learn about the Coriolis Effect, Weather, Migration, Maps, Language, Population Growth and Population Density. (5-8; ca 45 mins)
  • Maps and Views of the Earth (or "Maps, Lies, and Dreams") – When we use a map, we are looking at the map-maker's view, which is not necessarily an objective view of the subject. Using slides, discussion, and demonstrations, students learn how to read maps more attentively, and how to become more discerning map users. (9-12; ca. 1 hr)
  • Geography and the World Wide Web – What's out there, how to get there, how to use it. An exploration that can be set up either as a demonstration at a single computer, or in a lab setting. (9-12; ca. 1 hour)
  • Classroom visits – elaboration and enrichment with individual class groups. Can be with any age level, any setting, any length of time.

After School

Meeting with interested faculty and staff, to discuss the most up-to-date materials and methods for geography education. This can focus on print materials, software, and/or cyberspace resources, and always includes lots of handouts and lesson plans.


Evening parent meeting, with ideas for helping to keep children interested and up-to-date in geography. Some materials from the morning assemblies and faculty meeting, and some additional ideas directed specifically at families. Several handouts.

Alternative Full-Day Activity (or activity for a second day)

The playground map adventure. Students, faculty, and parents participate in various parts of a full-day exercise which ends with the school having a permanent world map painted on their playground or parking lot. Faculty and parents lay out the large grid with chalk lines early in the morning, students draw in sections of the large map during the day, then faculty and parents paint over the students' lines with parking-lot paint. Can be done in any size, and projection, with any desired level of detail.


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