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. Mapping the World
By Heart
 Completely revised and updated.
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Mapping The World
At Your School

Mapping The World
At Your Office

An Extended Review from Social Studies School Service in L.A.

What Others Say

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Samples of Outdoor Playground & Decorative Maps

Reviews and Help for Homeschoolers who are using the program

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Mapping The World By Heart: For Those Who Homeschool

Questions?? An extensive FAQ page is maintained at the Fablevison web site.
Point your browser to THIS ADDRESS for access to the page.

Mapping the World By Heart is a very popular curriculum among people who homeschool. Read some reviews and endorsements, and learn more about making it work for you.

  • A Homeschooling mother in Colorado recently wrote: "Mapping The World By Heart is *wonderful.* I home-schooled my daughter for four years and it was the *best* single piece of instructional help I found on any topic." (An email address for this person will be supplied on request for further questions, curriculum help, etc.)
  • I have started a modest type of "help" program. If you're a homeschool parent who has used the curriculum and would be available to answer questions from other homeschool families, please use the email link below to send me your email address. I won't give it out without letting you know each time, and I'll try to give out to people in your part of the country.
  • Also, if you are a homeschooler just starting out with the program, and would like to ask some questions, please use the link below to drop me a line. I'll either answer it myself, or refer it on to a homeschool family near you.
  • Meanwhile, here are some homeschool links pertinent to the curriculum:
    • For books to supplement any geography course, or for good primary grades reading, be sure to visit our resources page.

Replacement map sets

Many people have asked about replacement map sets. Please point your browser to the website of the new publisher of the curriculum, Fablevision and at the bottom of the page you will see an option to order a replacement set of maps.


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