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. Mapping the World
By Heart
 Completely revised and updated.
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An Extended Review from Social Studies School Service in L.A.

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Mapping the World By Heart: What Others Say

Teachers and Students Talk About The Curriculum

A Home-School Mother in Colorado:
"Mapping The World By Heart is *wonderful.* I home-schooled my daughter for four years and it was the *best* single piece of instructional help I found on any topic."

Two Seventh-Grade Teachers, Cypress, CA:
"Our 7th grade has mapped by heart for 4 years, and it is without a doubt one of the highlights of their educational experiences. 1) What we notice most is how the students are stretched beyond what they think they are capable of doing and feel so proud of their great accomplishment at the end of the school year. Graduates of the program come into our classrooms to reminisce and look at current students' maps (of course, none are as good as theirs!) 2) One of the most important aspects of MWH is that STUDENTS OF ALL LEARNING STYLES have a picture of the world in their heads for the rest of their lives. Usually the "tactile/kinesthetic" and "process" students excel at the maps because their creativity has an outlet in an academic course. Even our RSP students with learning disabilities amaze their parents with their accomplishments! In 4 years we have not had one student who was unable to do the maps, though some needed templates or easier checklists. 3) The California framework for history/social sciences does not allow for a specific geography course, so we integrate this program with 7th grade World History. It is a perfect blend.

See this school's home page Brethren Christian Jr/Sr High to view maps they have scanned. They are from several years."

A Home-Schooling Parent in Nebraska, wrote a review for the "Eclectic Homeschool" web site. Click here to jump to that review.

A Home-Schooling Parent, wrote me this email after her students finished their final maps.

Former Seventh Grader, Now In College:
"Drawing a memory map was one of the most valuable lessons I had in school. The experience gave me a better sense of the world from a geographical and cultural point of view and as a business major here at Cornell, that has been very helpful (as an added bonus I can still always answer the geography questions in Trivial Pursuit).

Seventh Grader, Cambridge, MA:
"It seems impossible at the beginning of the year, but it's really possible and it's really satisfying. It's a year of learning how to push youself."

Seventh Grader, Belmont, MA:
"Before, when I heard the name of a country, I just thought of it as a name, and it didn't really matter to me. After you do a memory map, it's kinda neat because you can picture it in your mind, not only that country and what it's like there, but everything else around it. You have a map in your head wherever you go."

Administrators & Others Talk About MWH Seminars & Assemblies

(Copies of these letters supplied on request.)

Middle School Teacher, Central Massachusetts
"This was the best workshop I have attended in 8 years of teaching. I've been using ideas from this curriculum for five years, but still came away with a million ideas on how to improve the course in my school and how to help other teachers work geography into their curriculum. It's amazing to feel this refreshed in the middle of February!"

Two sixth graders, New Orleans
"It was awesome. I didn't think that geography was more than just latitude and longitude until now. He showed us that it was about people and food and other stuff. I want to learn more""I wish we had more geography classes like this."

Coordinator of a state Geographic Alliance
"...Workshop was informative and well-structured...helpful and extensive. We were all quite enthralled by (the) anecdotes about interactions with Arthur Robinson and other geographic luminaries....The feedback I received from attendees was unanimously positive...A very worthwhile workshop."

Executive Director, overseas school association
"A special thanks goes out to you for making such an outstanding keynote presentation. Everyone was riveted to their seats, and discussed it for the remainder of the afternoon."

Executive Director, state school association
"Congratulations on your fine workshop...Your sensitive handling of the material and questions was wonderful for teachers to hear. I thnk people felt that their questions were carefully and thoughtfully dealt with, and you were able to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for dialogue. You are such an engaging leader, and your pool of cases and information so rich!"

Conference coordinator, Dallas
"...thank you and hurrah for the workshop you conducted. One teacher I talked to at lunch following your morning presentation said it all when she told me she wished the next day was Monday so she could get back in the classroom right away and start trying out some of the ideas you had suggested."

Conference coordinator, Connecticut
"You did such a fine job! The workshops were well-received overall, but you garnered the most consistently high marks. One evaluation form listed you as 'excellent' and said 'David was lively, and the other speakers, though knowledgeable, did not have the same charisma.'"

School assembly coordinator, Massachusetts
"For my part, I enjoyed seeing a genuine professional at work. Your knowledge of content, your ability to bring along a bag (or was it two bags) of geography tricks suitable for a variety of different classrooms, and your very warm classroom demeanor did much to create a very non-threatening and stimulating learning environment."


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